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"There is no self to experience non-dual reality . . . ?"

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There is no "me" to experience non-dual reality . . . there's only non-dual reality. What is experienced as embodied being typically is projection, not perception. The mind-created-sense-of "me" (personal-identity) is an illusion, a mental projection, not actual. Meaning we take something as so . . . that isn't so.

So, "what" is writing these words here? "What" is reading these words now? "What" worries about understanding "this" or "that", "what's" afraid of "them" and "those"? A made-up person, with a made-up history and a made-up personality. Made up by mind. It is mind writing these words and mind interpreting these words.

That which is aware of all of "this and that", saying nothing, thinking nothing, doing nothing about any of it, is Self simply noticing mind illuminated by awareness (Self).

And what is noticed is mind and that which is not-mind (Self) watching mind. And that which is not-mind contains mind. In a sense, not-mind is an ever opened doorway, never closed.

So what experiences suffering? Mind. And what suffers experience? Mind. In each instance there is only experience. Only this. Silent background awareness aware of embodied experience. And in the foreground . . . mind, muttering away about this and that, wanting this and that, afraid of this and that.

Remember . . . you are not-mind. You are beingness itself. Don't take these words for it. See for yourself . . . Self recognize. This recogniizing is not as difficult as mind thinks it is. It literally is effortless.

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