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On a couple of posts I said that “it is the erroneous choice of (believed in) words that limits us all”. This was met with some agreement.  Yes, that is almost conventional wisdom, but let me expand upon it to make my intention a little more specific.


At this point in our lives (to those reading this) the interpretation of what we see is very automatic.  It’s so automatic that it seems counterproductive to argue with that tendency.  Maybe it is our nature.  (Well it is our nature as a verbal creature.) I never orchestrate the war effort of trying to reverse this trend, although waging this war is almost universal in the spiritual world.


The power of recognizing this interpretive tendency is to realize that all our explanations are our current conditioning, and thus they are subject to constant updates as we experience the world.


1. With that insight I’ll ask, “what is the most limiting belief of all?” It has to be that ‘THIS IS TRUE’, doesn’t it?  With that one addendum belief attached to anything, all updates are shallow, seen as a compromise, and actually out of the window.  No further modification can be possible.


I notice that many many people hold that non-duality IS (or points to) the only absolute and the highest truth.  Where does that get you in your daily life?  And really, isn’t your daily life your only life?  You either embrace it or ignore it, but the only alternative is your projection and fantasy.  It is all done with faulty thoughts (bogus definitions).  For instance, ‘transcendence equals awakening’.  I prefer TRANCE-cendance equals numbing.  To me it is less damaging than the former.


2.  What is another bombshell of a definition?  That “these are only thoughts and words, not anything real.”  It is fun to play with philosophy, and even push it into the philosophy of the absurd.


No my friends, these words become you foundation (or lack of foundation) on which you are right now running your life.  It is easy to prove this.  With all your sincerity just modify your ground statements, your definition set to give yourself more space to maneuver, and see your life change before your very eyes.  Keep you focus on what you are telling yourself in each moment, and notice that these statements are directly connected to your contractions, your feelings and emotions; Always.


3.  Here’s another beauty in its power to be destructive. “Tension and anxiety give me energy.  Without anxiety and my resultant anger, I wouldn’t get anything done. I often whip myself up into a frenzy when I need to produce a lot."  Why don’t you just take a poison pill each morning? (Actually you are doing just that.)


How can you get out of a belief like this?  I have found the easiest way to get a start is to call it an ‘experiment’.  You can say to yourself that I’ve done the tension route for 40-50 years (as the case may be), and I have produced this result.  Now let me try a couple of years (months) with the other way around, and see what I get. There need be no bench marks of keeping up with the Joneses.  Just find yourself a little bit more open to new possibilities than you were yesterday.  That’s all that it takes.


Lately I found this quote in a book of essays, which has more insight than most of the book.  He said:


“How we struggle to understand.  We’re explaining how we create our own reality, how everything is some kind of karmic unfolding.  We’re like characters in a novel that we ourselves have written, living out a tale intricate, beautiful and strange.


These ideas explain so much, as they celebrate the endless coupling of mystery and meaning.  But they are born of a deeper mystery that we can never truly comprehend.  Psychology, philosophy and spirituality are like card games that we invent without even knowing the meaning of the cards.  We compensate for our ignorance by devising ever more elaborate rules of play.  We confuse facts with truth, honesty with understanding, and stories about reality with reality."


This quote could be used to back up non-dual thought.  But I am not using it for that.  I am saying that life as we know it is a verbal board game.  You’ve been dealt into the game and you have your token to move on the board.  Play the hand that you were dealt in the best way that you can.

  •     Be earnest with yourself, you deserve that.
  •     Take a chance to discover some new course of action.
  •     Find metrics to measure your results.
  •     The best metric that I have found is how you feel.

Keep opening your contraction level, and see what freshness can enter your life.



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Richard, Response: How could


Response: How could man be earnest discover, measure or feel, when he is not in control of the moment or its aliveness (action, word, thought or feeling)? And you have admitted that man cannot control the aliveness of the moment.

Marcus Stegmaier

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Richard: I’ll ask, “what is

Richard: I’ll ask, “what is the most limiting belief of all?” It has to be that ‘THIS IS TRUE’, doesn’t it?

Chris: Believing 'this is true' closes the door on inquiry. Looking through this belief, the belief itself is all that is seen. All belief is a limitation.

R: Keep you focus on what you are telling yourself in each moment, and notice that these statements are directly connected to your contractions, your feelings and emotions; Always.

C: This is a true form of meditation - being attentively aware of what is actually happening. We can only be attentively aware of thought occurring if we are not attempting to control the thought or the response. If there is an attempt to control the thought or the response then this in turn can become the focus of attentive awareness. The trick is to retain focus when a reactive thought attempts to counter another thought. All thought, whether spontaneous or reactive, is now that of which there is awareness. If we remain attentively aware of all thoughts and reactions in each moment we find ourselves in a space that is not governed by those thoughts and reactions.

Of course, I expect that Richard will claim that this is not what he intended to say. Well Richard, I am not trying to agree with you but am using your statement as a means of self-exploration and am writing down the thoughts that I am telling myself in this moment and observing how they and their reactions are passing through awareness..... the awareness of them is the freedom from them...... this is what I observe.........


Part of the Action

We remain committed to be on the forefront of what will support life, both in your family and on planet earth. 


My interaction with you is an Experiment to further enable this vision to be true, and up to the rhythm that you are a part of the action.  


Please contribute to make this vision real.  

With Heart Felt Thanks, Richard Miller.



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