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Please look up the book: THE WAY "IT" IS by Chuck Hillig.

To sum it up, Chuck is telling a friend/student about the divine "IT". He tells the student: IT is everywhere, everything, every action, every possible thing in the entire cosmos but the student argues with Chuck or just doesn't believe it. Chuck goes on to say: you're IT, I'm IT, this is IT, that's IT, etc. and the student finally gives in and accepts that it's all true but then says: OK, Chuck, I see your point - NOW WHAT? What am supposed to do next? (At this point in the book, all my senses picked up 'cos I've often wondered the same thing) So Chuck just tells the student: Appreciate IT, respect IT, love IT, like IT, embrace IT, be happy with IT, enjoy IT! - it's all your self, so why not? That just hit me like a brick! I've been fighting with and unhappy with IT (myself) most of my life! So, thanks to Chuck, I am now relaxing and enjoying IT as much as possible since there really is nothing else to do but happily accept IT/ME and finally HAVE MY LIFE BACK. I don't know if that is an "awakening" or just a psychological tool but it's good enough for now and makes my life way better than it was back in my neurotic, seeking, unhappy days of living at odds with myself all the time.

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