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What is Pure Awareness? (Top 10 Definitions - Taken from Internet)

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What is Pure Awareness? (Top 10 Definitions - Taken from Internet)

Pure Awareness - Definition # 1

Pure Awareness is Specifically Transcendence of the Concept of Being

Since pure awareness is beyond knowing, the experience is totally nonconceptual. There is awareness of awareness, which is the presence of awareness, but this presence is not felt as presence. Nonconceptual awareness is beyond the concept of being, so we cannot experience or describe it as being or presence. We might then think that it must be nonbeing, but nonbeing is also a concept, the opposite of being. Being and nonbeing constitute a pair of mutually defining concepts; like all conceptual pairs, neither exists without the other. Experientially, being is presence and nonbeing is absence; the latter is often referred to as emptiness. Because pure awareness is free from the cognitive element, it transcends all concepts, but it is specifically the transcendence of the concept of being. By transcending being it also transcends nonbeing, emptiness. Experientially we feel it as simultaneous presence and absence, being and nonbeing. But this is only when we begin to view it conceptually. When the experience is full and complete we cannot say it is both presence and absence, nor neither. In fact, it does not occur to us to say anything about it, for to speak is to conceptualize, while here we are absolutely in the moment, beyond all mind and speaking.

Pure Awareness - Definition # 2

These are breathtaking leaps! In his use of the word "consciousness" there is always the touch of the duality. If I am conscious it is in relation to being unconscious. If "I am" it is always in relation to the "not-me." If I am conscious it is always conscious OF something. Consciousness always has an object of which I am conscious. So while the realization of my identity as the "I am" is very much closer to reality than the idea that "I am so-and-so, a person" it is still a step away from the final realization of the absolute, that I am the non- dual awareness which is allowing the consciousness to be conscious. Awareness is that which is shining through the consciousness, but it is beyond the consciousness itself. So " awareness" is different from "consciousness" in Nisargadatta's talks. The pure awareness is the absolute, without which there can be no consciousness.

Another way he puts it is that the awareness "is that by which I know that I am." Thus the awareness is there before the "I am" (or consciousness) appears, and is there after the consciousness disappears (unconsciousness or death). So the awareness is beyond even the universal consciousness. Another way that he put this astonishing distinction is by saying that the absolute is "awareness unaware of itself." That statement of his is almost like a Zen koan, but I think the idea is of an awareness without a trace of distinction or duality. He speaks of it as "shining," and of it being an uncaused mystery. This is even beyond our idea of God, so he does not call it "God" but simply says "the absolute," or the ultimate reality, beyond time, which ever was and ever will be.

Pure Awareness - Definition # 3

Pure awareness is nothing but the first moment after deep sleep, which can be almost treated as the awareness of self during the deep sleep.

Pure Awareness - Definition # 4

Pure awareness is againa field.; boundless, infiniteand continuous. It is similar to that of pure presence, but without cognitive element. Since the source of cognition, is the knowing of being, pure awareness is not a sense of being. We do not experience it as a presence, for the experience of the presence involves the conceptof beingor existence. Since pure awareness is a continuous medium or field, we can say it is presence, but it does not feel like presence because it involves no recognition of being or non being. There is only the pure awareness of manifestation without knowing of what one is aware.

Pure Awareness - Definition # 5

Pure awareness is awareness that doesn’t involve any trichotomy of (1) the person who is aware, (2) the process of awareness and (3) the object of awareness. In pure awareness, these three merge together into one simple pure awareness. This may be called the awareness of true self or the awareness of awareness. This is beyond space and time.

Pure Awareness - Definition # 6

Yoga Nidra, loosely translated as ‘yogic sleep,’ is a reclined practice designed to bring you to a state of pure awareness and self discovery. Described as one of the deepest forms of meditation, Yoga Nidra leads to a state of supreme stillness and insight. Through the practice we’re able to find ease and responsiveness through letting go (relaxing) and paying attention to what is here with a kind heart, something that is so unique compared to our usual response to stress.

Pure Awareness - Definition # 7

Yoga Nidra is an elegant and perfect model for going within and touching our deepest comfort. It is light, refreshing, and leaves us feeling full of Pure Awareness. It is a birthright of every human to be able to contact this. It is not dependent upon situation.

We become more joyful and also more productive when we are not so encumbered by the fluctuations of mood and mind. All fluctuations are seen to be part of this vast sea of awareness that has as its very texture and weave Pure Awareness and even bliss. This is the result of all yoga practices that include contacting directly the field of Pure Being. Yoga Nidra is definitely one of the jewels of yoga and can be practiced by everybody.

Pure Awareness - Definition # 8

Yoga Nidra, a Sanskrit phrase which means “sleep of the yogi’s,” has been practiced by yogis and sages for thousands of years. It is based on the idea that we have three states of consciousness: the wakeful state, dream state, and the deep
dreamless sleep state. It is thought that the dreamless sleep state is the purest form of consciousness and a connection with it ultimately leads to a greater knowledge
of God or Spirit. This concept of the dreamless sleep state maybe difficult to grasp but when you are asked in the morning how you slept the night before, you usually have a deep knowledge of the answer. You say, “I slept great” or “I tossed and
turned all night.” How do you know if you are asleep? There is awareness within this deep, dreamless state of consciousness which the yogis contend offers the greatest opportunity for a student to experience an understanding of her innate nature. This consciousness is pure awareness that never sleeps and welcomes
every moment as it is, without analysis, judgment or conclusion. By welcoming things as they are, a student begins to see that they are not separate, finite beings,
rather infinite and eternal. Connecting with this state of consciousness offers an opportunity to resolve mental, physical and spiritual confusion, conflict and suffering.

Pure Awareness - Definition # 9

Experience a state of relaxation, comfort and ease! Bliss and Joy! Yoga Nidra is a guided, step-by-step relaxation into pure awareness. Yoga is the stilling of thoughts to create a window of opportunity to see what you really area - which, when you boil it down, is pure awareness. Nidra means deep sleep. Yoga nidra is deep sleep with awareness. Have props available, such as blankets, bolsters, and blocks. (36 mins.)

Pure Awareness - Definition # 10

Pure Awareness... Stand in your original state of wholeness, the state before you were born when there was no knowledge "I am" and therefore no need or want of any kind. All suffering will end as soon as you stand in pure Awareness. - Ramesh S. Balsekar

Pure Awareness - Definition # 11


In seeking samadhi, you are trying to see the Truth through the absence of all activities, because you do not see the Truth during the activities. But Truth (your svarupa) is not to be found in either the presence or the absence of activities which constitute the mental realm. Therefore, you must go beyond both, to get at the Truth.

The world ties you down by its presence here. The world ties you down by its absence or non-existence in samadhi. You must transcend both, in order to reach the Truth. It is beyond both activity and passivity. It is knowledge knowing everything and knowledge not knowing anything, at the same time. It is simultaneously active and passive; that is, you must transcend both to come to Truth.

Pure Awareness - Definition # 12

Nirvikalp Samadhi is the main transcendent state of consciousness or realization. In this state of meditation there is no longer mind, duality, or subject-object relationship or experience. This is the ultimate form of Samadhi in which one as realize everything as one. This is the pure awareness. Samadhi is the only steady static reality and all the other things are ever-changing and do not bring eternal peace or happiness.

Pure Awareness - Definition # 13

Being aware during your sleep is different from sleep disorder, it is a state whereby you will be sleeping, but your whole awareness will be alive – it means, there will be no thoughts, no memories, no engrams, only you will be radiating with the pure awareness that ‘I will be alive”. One powerful technique I learned from Swami Satyananda Saraswati who founded the Bihar School of Yoga is Yoga Nidra. This is a science of falling asleep consciously into the deep sleep state with awareness. If you can fall into Yoga Nidra state and get back, your whole system will be brand new and you feel totally rejuvenated which allows you will respond to the world in a positive way. You will only respond to the world through joy and bliss.

Pure Awareness - Definition # 14

Upon entering Nirvikalpa Samadhi the differences we saw before have faded and only one and the same Substance is seen with which we then gladly identify. In this condition nothing but pure Awareness remains and nothing is missing to take away from Wholeness and Perfection.

Pure Awareness - Definition # 15

Practicing yoga, meditation, and mindfulness is good stuff but nothing like being in pure awareness. Being in pure awareness is not in the mind nor in the body; pure awareness is experiencing everything as one. Usually when people speak of being aware they are referring to a lower realm of experience than what I am talking about here.

Awareness and mindfulness to most people means paying attention to what's going on around them and within them. Pure awareness is beyond this. Pure awareness is wider and deeper than any other experience you can possible have. Pure awareness is a sense of everything without mental content. It is when object and subject merge into universal awareness excluding nothing, so that there is no separation between anything. To put is succinctly pure awareness is a state of non-duality.

Consciousness, as distinct from what it is conscious of, is pure, luminous and the highest to be craved for. It is what needs to be understood as free of the claim of the individual over his ownership of it and when so understood, it illumines as the sky

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