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Why do many people develop rigid attitude after 40 years?

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Why do many people develop rigid attitude after 40 years?

People mostly after 40 years become Rigid with their little acquired knowledge. Then, their mind become concretized over certain ideologies. They become saturated around 40 years and reach the end of learning. They want to enforce their learning down the line. They live with their belief system for the rest of their life. Such people lose their ability to be flexible. It can very well be understood that many such persons remained flexible during their 20s. As long as there is some attitude for learning, persons remain diligent. Once, the mind finds reading and writing unnecessary people become very rigid. Most people become narrow minded in their 40s. Half baked knowledge is Highly Dangerous than having less knowledge. Those who have less knowledge may at least hear others advice whereas those who are half baked don't have self knowledge and also never listen to other's advice. One must know what they don't know more than what they know.

I am no exception from the above findings. When I was young I used to read the sports page in newspapers at first, but now I am least bothered to have a glance at it. Family has replaced friendship and now I give less importance to friends. My priorities have changed. These are only few examples how our ideologies change over time.

When the learning curve droops our attitudes become rigid. We develop the attitude of a cave man. I am writing this to only emphasize that Reading, Writing and Learning are so much necessary to keep our brain flexible and adaptable. Reading and writing variety of things make our mind broader and sharper.

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