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Is your Ego ≈ 0

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Is your Ego ≈ 0

(Written by me elsewhere 6 years back. I have matured a lot since then. Hence, some of the points mentioned in this post may be primitive)

The normal Ego what we encounter is the self referral mechanism which ascertain one’s supremacy over the subject concerned. The world exists in your head. The World appears the way you assume. This is called Perception. Your Ego gives birth to the world in your Head. It is ‘I ‘ (Ego) that precede the World. If ‘I’ has Zero Ego you will be like yet another furniture. This proves that Minimum Ego is essential for living.

The trouble starts with the Judgmental Attitude ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’

The Pure ‘I’ (Self aka Consciousness) is beyond all attributes. But the existential ‘I‘ (False- I) has many attributes out of which Ego is one. Minimum Ego is required to identify yourself. Because of Ego only you know that you are Mr.XYZ. The world we live is a dynamic one. We ( Subject) have to interact with others. There is a constant interaction by the subject with the other subjects. The trouble starts when the I, Ego, identifies itself with the Mind as the ‘I’. Mind and Ego are companions one within each. Mind is just collection of Thoughts. The thoughts that you have built up through experiences over the years since your childhood is called Mind. Similarly everyone has built up one’s own mind. No mind is Perfect. Mind is a fluctuating and oscillating criterion and hence can never be perfect. Perception is one of the qualities of Mind. Hence, perceptions many times differ. There is no single perfect perception. What is Right for you may be Wrong for others. This is the starting point of all troubles. We must always understand that there is no single perfect ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’. Right and Wrong is purely subjective. Society has built certain conventional things as Right and Wrong which change during the course of evolution. What is Wrong hundred years back is Right now.

Several subtle things are beyond Right and Wrong. Feelings are one such. You feel it the way you feel. You can’t help it. It should be left to the individuals choice as long as they do not come much in others' way.

Ego gains only when you ascertain your Supremacy and Impose your Authority

The problem arises only when you too much identify with your supremacy over other subjects concerned. In personal relationships, how can you wish other subjects to be the way you want? May be you can just tell and advise. It is the prerogative of the subjects to decide upon to accept or reject it. May be you are Right. Also may be you are Wrong.

Ego in Children is Most Vulnerable

During the course of Adolescence, children’s’ start building up their Self Image. Till the age of around 12 Children don’t have much Self Image. They are like Parents Puppet. During Adolescence, Self Image starts to buildup. Since they don’t have sufficient experience and exposure to the world, their mind go erratic. So only, Children resist most of parental advise, even if they know they are incorrect. A Newly Growing Ego isn’t it? Children have bubbling energy which resist conventional thinking. Children more often can be compared to an Hydrogen Balloon which always go afloat and also astray. The best way to win over children is through Tireless, Patient, Sincere, Slow, Humorous, Loving and Caring Attitude. Children will fall your way only mm by mm. Imposing authority over children will yield more negative results only.

By-Products of Ego - Argument, Anger, Authority, Depression, Jealousy, Pain, Stress, Sorrow etc

Most negative tendencies are the products of Ego. When Ego wins you lose a great deal in return. There are Hundreds of Negative Tendencies one will develop due to Ego. Neurotic tendencies develop due to Ego. Stress develop and consequently affects health. Even people commit Suicide due to Depression which is a by-product of Ego.

When you Love someone where is the question of Ego. 'LOVE IS ALL INCLUSIVE." Accepting everyone with one's pluses and minuses is Unconditional Love. 90% of Divorces are due to Ego. I read in news that a Man did not speak to his wife for around 30 Years till his death due to Ego. What a pity?

Ego Channelized Properly will yield Beautiful Results

Ego has positive attributes also. The very Ego if channelized properly will yield Positive results in achieving wonderful results. Great achievements can be made if Ego is channelized in a Productive way. Ego is the creative force of intelligence. If you kill the Ego totally you will kill the Desire totally. You should only know to channelize it properly. Ego is the momentary self consciousness relating to the subject concerned. But, many of Ego’s wrong desires bring contraction to the person.

How to overcome your Ego

10. Accept you have EGO

20. Constantly remind yourself of overcoming Ego.

30. Honor other person’s way of thinking as long as it does not come in your way.

40. When other persons actions comes in your way, advise the consequences and possible repercussions politely. Politely set the Limits.

50. Don’t impose your Authority unless otherwise Inevitable and or otherwise a very MUST situation.

60. When you are WRONG, don’t hesitate to ask Excuse. Accept your Mistake. It shows you have matured EGO.

70. The antidotes for Ego is Humbleness and Love and not feeling supremacy.

Just Understand … MIND = IMPERFECT

Simple way to understand Ego is, Mind = Imperfect. Don’t believe too much of your Mind. All minds are subject to Falter. Develop a Magnanimous Attitude. One thing is definite, Lesser the Ego More the Happiness. Do you want more Happiness shed your Ego. That is the easiest way. Better call EGO as E ----> GO!

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