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Amazing Shakti, Parvati Ma

Amazing Shakti, Parvati Ma

Sam and I received blessing. The room was electric. The experience is a great shift. A woman of love.

Oh, how beautiful! Really, the electricity and blessing from this meeting has reached as far as to my place here.

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in a weekend retreat with Savitur, a Shanti Mission Teacher. It is amazing how simple it is to find ease with the addition of energy work, like some of that seen in this video. There are chanting, music and song, visualizations and guided intentions and releases. There are aural cleaning, astral and etheric purifications and energy gifting, like shaktipat, or diksha. There is calling in help of the universe, the guru, god and angles, thus Prayer. Things seem done always with care, not to open to malevolence (real or imagined).

There are also explanations and interpretations, and a teaching system. I am easily able to align myself with (I think all of) the processes and feel a great tenderness in the leaders, in the musicians, the participants and in myself for myself. It is really great and I am sure that I will see much more of the Shanti Mission and again Shakti Durga, their leader and Guru. I am sure to see Parvati in Melbourne. All your's in Love (That's Sam, my traveling partner in the video thumbnail. We are doing great together.)

Richard Miller
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