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Paul Lowe, "This"

Paul Lowe, "This"

A follow up from Saturday back at Paul's.

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Lovely to see Paul after many years ago when he was with Rajneesh and doing darshans on the Ranch in Oregon.....his message is soft and gentle---an invitation really--to take note of what is happening now.

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This is indeed a wonderful video and the words are giving the possibility that it can be clear at once. But it also must be said that the words are not spoken to a ‘you’ that you are used to. That what it is spoken to is already what it IS.


silence is all there is

Wonderful and interesting videos from Australien Richard, thank you!

Paul Lowe is great.One can really tune in into the frequency or vibration he emanates. He is taking in everybody in the warmth of his sharing.
And such meetings are even more important when we otherwise can`t actually find communities or people around us who are in those frequencies.

When Paul talks about the expression on people`s face when we say something about how we see life, with a staring gaze, I laughed remembering an expression I once found in one of Ken Wilber`s books: "...all you get, at best, is that deer-caught-in-the-headlights blank stare (at worst, you get something like, "And did we forget to take our Prozac today?")

"What we are, that only we can see". (Emerson)

Thanks Paul!