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Paul Lowe, Major Shift

Paul Lowe, Major Shift

On Dec 24th 2011 Paul addressed an intimate group which we can share with you.

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Thanks for this interesting video! I also learned a lot from the interviews with people on the streets. It's great to be open to conversation with all kinds of people. I talked to a woman from Bulgaria the other day in the bus, she told me that it's quite normal there for people to just talk to each other on the street. Maybe in some countries we've grown to be more individualistic. It's definitely a disconnection, and with some sensitivity it can be noticed. So it's great to break away from all of the closed circles we've created both in the everyday world and in the spiritual world. I think that can enhance our vibes even more than when we're islands.

And happy holidays everyone!!! I hope we'll all have a beneficial journey in 2012!