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Mooji, Projects

What is it that needs projects?
Who am I without my Projects?
I is most persistant, I want I do I will I go I dream my future my past my life my family my beliefs my disbeliefs my aspirations my suffering my commitment.
4:19 Min
Is something constantly "turning the wheel" something constantly "on the beat"?

When are projects, activities, busy-ness just ways the ego pumps itself up, and when are projects, activities, busy-ness the egoless unfolding of universal energy- the Tao expressing itself? We can't not do anything for long- energy moves through the space that we are...

I love what Mooji says about just watching this restless compulsion to keep busy- what's driving it- where is the anxiety welling up from...Not to be burdened with a belief that we shouldn't be compelled in an endless chain of suffering-producing activities, but to invite curiosity and consciousness and awareness to join the party, so to speak.

Great video clip- gets right to the heart of the matter- thank you. Mooji is so grounded that I feel saner just from listening to the timber of his voice.

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