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Paul Hedderman, Obsolete Teaching

Nothing becomes something
Use all those somethings that talk about nothing, to make another something to do about it.
When you receive my invitation, my hint, my job is over. I am not a teacher or looking for a coaching job.
0:50 Min
I as a teacher become obsolete. (In fact, all the "I's" are destined to become obsolete.) And all the teachings must become obsolete. Otherwise they lead to bondage and not freedom.

On his death bed Nisargadatta said something like, "Forget me. Forget my teaching. But I beseech you- pay attention to this consciousness that you are."

exactly, if you've been following the teacher for years and years and he has been telling you how simple it all is and you still haven't got it, fire the teacher.
hallelujah brother praised the Lord and pass the hat.

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