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How do I create an account?

By Un-Registered - Posted on 12 January 2010

Click "Create new account" below the log-in area, a page will come up. Select your user name, (it will tell you later if it is taken, you can add some spaces or something). You need a valid email, which you will need to answer, or you won't get your temporary password. Many people have had to search for that email in their spam box, but it comes pretty fast. Select to receive emails with links of new posts. I think that it is once a week now, (tell me if I should make it less often). City and country, and case sensitive Captcha word. If you can't read the Captcha word, submit it wrong and another one will appear.

If you have unique spacing and punctuation in your user ID, please remember it. Someone has Ph.D. which is different than Ph. D. or PhD or Ph D it has to be just right. Capital letters aren't important in your ID but they are in your password. Many use capitals like RichardMiller to show the words, but richardmiller will still log in too. That is different than richard miller. Remember, find the verification email in spam, if it seems to be late.

We ask you to upload a photo avatar. You do that by logging into your account area. It needs to be 300 kb or less in order to upload. Then it will be resized, (but it will keep its proportions, square or rectangle). Sure we like the graphic avatars that people are using, but we prefer a photo because, well, we are all searching to "settle into our true selves" in a more profound way. (Otherwise we would be out playing golf, and not staring into a computer screen.) Somehow I believe that being "just little ole me" is a relaxing acceptance of things as they are, (even for those who are sure, "I am not the body".)

Some day I intend to give full html privileges to those who ask for it. This means you will be able to make more personalized pages and posts and embed media. It is my vision that this privilege will be more restrained and "self policing" if these users are behind their own photo avatar, and not called "ThorTheHammer". So photo avatar will be required for advanced privileges.