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Howie Cooke, Man of the Sea


Planet Earth becomes "Planet Sea" as we look at the beings that are really important for world wide compassion and brotherhood.




Blessings Howie for what you are doing to save the wonderful creatures on this Sea Planet.
This video is a great opening to wake sensitiveness for the huge problem of the extinction of animal species by humans, of killing and mistreating animals not only in the sea but all over the earth often for fun or sport but also in "meat factories".
Maybe the animals are praying to God as Jesus did: Father forgive them, they do not know what they are doing.
What Richard mentioned about quanta vs.quality I think too is the key: increased awarness.
A quantum leap would be needed to change quantity into quality thinking. We as species are out of balance. Either selfcorrection or selfdistruction.

Thank you Richard and Howie for this meeting.