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Is it helpful to know what is NEW about this site?

By Un-Registered - Posted on 12 January 2010

The most important difference is that you get to talk. We want to create a vehicle that demonstrates that we are already a community.

1) You can already call in on a web broadcast.
2) Now there is an active forum where people can discuss our broadcasts, different guests or potential guests, and share your experiences with us all.
3) Blogs are available for those are more "wordy". We'll have one for sure, Guests will have one, and others can ask that we host their blog too.
4) Comment forms will be open on more and more pages.
5) I think everyone will have a discrete user's page, where maybe you can embed your own or your favorite videos, audios and photos.
6) Now there is an "always live" chat room. Later we may get into interesting options like video chat rooms were we open a free meeting hall, of have "office hours". Whatever you or we come up with, let's do it.