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Jerry Wennstrom

The paradox of letting everything go and the mystery of its return express the deeper meaning of 'to make it sacred.'

Jerry Wennstrom

There were many whispers along the way pointing to this metaphoric plunge "into the thicket". I was extremely driven as a young artist and had produced an enormous body of work by the time I was 29. It was at this point that I began to feel art, as I had known it, had taken me as far as it possibly could.

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Jerry Wennstrom and David Whyte, Foundation of Creativity

I have enjoyed so much my meetings with Jerry Wennstrom.


I find both these men speaking deep truths that we all can listen to.  Like David sites the increadable difficulty we have to claim our own happiness.  That rings so true for me.

Jerry Wennstrom's Artwork Featured in full length movie

 Jerry is a featured artist in "Mythic Journeys", a movie by Steven and Whitney Boe.  When Jerry got permission from them to use their film as a springboard to show off his art, he asked me if I would be interested in piecing the short together.  I have always thought of movie making, and at the same time I have always resisted putting too much time and effort into effects and graphics.


In fact, you see that Never Not Here is always in the simplest of formats.  Just today I announced the public access expansion into Rhode Island.  Would graphics and motion make any difference to what we do?


In the mean time, see what a magical life Jerry Wennstrom has lead as an artist.