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Kali Ornelas

Touch yourself at the most important depth of your personal journey

Meet Kali Ornelas

The Self-Understanding component of YOSSUM elevates these yoga retreats to a profound, consciousness-raising dimension. You will receive valuable guidance from Kali Ornelas, YOSSUM’s founder, to help you understand yourself in ways that you probably never did before. Most participants regard the YOSSUM Process a turning point in their lives.


Enlightenment is not the end, but the means. Realizing that virtue is her goal, Kali accepts the long and often arduous cultivation that is necessary to attain it. She quietly shoulders whatever responsibilities fall to her. Unattached to her accomplishments, taking credit for nothing at all, she guides the whole world by guiding the individuals who come to her.


She shares her divine energy with her students, encouraging them, creating trials to strengthen them, even scolding them to awaken them, directing the streams of their lives toward the infinite ocean of the Tao." 

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Kali Ornelas touches many lives
Kali stands centered in an incredible flow

Traveling world-wide, Kali shared that she is booked in advance for several years.


I told her that I hold space, and that I have nothing scheduled even for next month.  That feels very different for me.  People organize in different ways.  


The Yossum Team is united in certain ways to interact is and channel participant's  interests.  I am in continual discovery.  Nothing to say that discovery doesn't take place in many formats?

Kali easily meets this very moment