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In the True Meeting of Self to Self, the light shines, the TRUTH speaks, the same truth hears itself, recognition happens, and the mind is unburdened.

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 If your mind is screaming or making too much noise, bring it to Satsang. It is not that you will gain something, and all that you can lose is not yours anyway. What is left when all is lost? . . . Just see . . . Purely Nothing Allowing the body to just let go into this moment as it is, just experiencing what it is to be in this humanness.    


Waves of energy, fluctuations in consciousness: you've got no control over that. There is silence and there are sounds; you are aware of both. You are aware of sensations, of comfort, discomfort.

But you're not doing anything to be aware: it is simply your nature.

It is always your nature, no matter about the coming and going; so taking This moment to really allow the meeting of This that is aware, that is the same in everyone, nobody is more or less of that, and taking this moment to rest in the meeting of that. 








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Ananta talks with Reenah Sun

We are human beings standing here, full-on in this body.  Why would we want to back off from any part of that?   Our sages reveal that we are genderless awareness.  Do we arrive at that conclusion with direct insight or is it more an external ideal that we seek to find, and conform to?


Society's distortions are not absent from any category and predefined gender roles aren't about who did what to me or what part of history has to be overcome. 


Simply noticing distorted beliefs (that we are all dutifully enrolled in) is simply an acknowledgement that in male/female relations, we don't fully understand each other, or understand our differences.  If our feelings come only from thoughts, which come from the standards by which we judge and categorize what we perceive, we don’t really have neutral, or non-biased standards through which to see clearly.



You might agree that this discussion brings good insight out of Ananta, and that we have delivered a perspective that most of us will find reinforcing. There is also rare “clear speak” about women’s cycles and how some see this as a burden and how some see it as a gateway into awakening.  Please see for yourself, and thanks for your feedback comments.  


Ananta, the Feeling of Today

How is the simple made complex? What a miracle.