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Last 2 meetings with Canela Michelle Meyers

Rounding out the Full weekend with Canela
Our 4th meeting Sunday Morning
I presented my insight into the root of numbness
I keynoted Sunday with a description of human violence which created quite a stir, even with Canela. Normally we think we are in a "special satsang space" that should remain sanctified. How can that separateness be real, and how could any separateness be justified with non-duality? Yet we do it all the time. I have a lot of irritation around this subject.
Our 5th meeting Sunday Afternoon
I found myself on the speaking couch with my wife
I said some things that, believe it or not, I have never been able to get out or get received before. Later I found a great weight had lifted from my shoulders and around my neck. I think that Iole and I will be totally different with each other, but now I will be in AU for 90 days and will not so directly see that evidence.
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Richard, I think you need to be more gentle! Otherwise you won't get your point across to many people. And you do have an important point about the disconnection between the "special satsang space" and numbness and violence.

I was watching some of the Florian DVD's lately, and he's talking a lot about exactly this subject, disconnection. There is a different context of disconnection in your conversations with Florian, but essentialy it's the same disconnection. On the DVD's you're talking about gently noticing disconnection without using force, because force only adds to the disconnection.

On the DVD's you are also talking about boundaries, because they help us to feel safe and notice disconnection.

So please watch your own DVD's and use the insights