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Sam Noel Pearce, long in the simplicity

I asked of the link between our conscious mind and that which runs our tendencies.  What would you call it, something that we don't always (hardly ever) notice?  The unconscious or the collective consciousness or that which has no perceivable boundaries.


Sam asked what is the reference point?  Is that the answer or a further question?

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Many of our Talks are shown on Cable TV
Rupert Spira
Daniel Hirtz
2 More Samples of TV Ready Episodes
Canela Michelle Meyers
Brooks Palmer on Clutter

Brooks Palmer the Clutter Buster

Brooks Palmer the Clutter Buster
Here's a TV appearance where he shows his method

Things in the home are like Concepts in the mind
Separate Personal Identity is a concept and a collection of things support that separation.
I found this as a metaphor that is deeply spiritual

Mental Clutter is what keeps the drama of life in place
Wow, I really was thrilled with this discussion. It even explains the difference of Now from Then.

Sonia Choquette, a lifetime of accessing Intuition

 I had first met Sonia about 20 years ago and she "straightened me out" from a surprise in life almost immediately.  After that one meeting I never looked back nor was troubled again about that incident.


What a life full with work and helping people she has had since then.  I am delighted to have reconnected.

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Marc Newkirk, Stress that is not discharged becomes part of our "Identity"

After setting some background on the reality of para-normal experiences this talk discusses the mechanism of our communication with our own body and the cells in our body.  This communication takes presidence over the DNA, which is just the tendancy or potential for cell reproduction.  He defines stress as un-discharged negative thoughts.  Since they are still active in our system, they become part of our identity.  It is this identity that instructs the renewal of our cells, and when it is warped (by what we usually call conditioning), that is reflected in an aged and sickened body.  It is a pretty radical "responsibility" for our condition, and not that difficult to imagine improving.


Here are some radio show audio links with Marc


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Water Structures that work best in plant and animal tissue

I have mentioned in several talks some personal experiments with water.  Not original research, but experimenting with what others are saying.  This is my process through the various insights, and the personal feedback or result that I have experienced.


I Buy My Drops Here

Here is a link and a bunch of movies on the water mixer that I talked about.

Here are a ton of answers to Frequently Asked Questions on the water mixer

Evita Ochel, Amazing Insights are even simple Common Sense


I don't always "sync" so well with guests as I did with Evita.

We all hear self-acceptance and self-love and never act upon it, or we seem incapable to believe that it could be so simple.  Hey folks, that's all there is to moving out of suffering!  There is something about Evita's brightness and straightforward delivery of these simple messages that may be able to penetrate our cloud of doubts.  I would love to spend many hours talking with Evita.  Her several web sites and blogs are hooked to this link.


Stephen B Parker, Disease Related Stress

Dr. Parker, a Jungian psychologist, looks into stress producing fear after a series of heart attack type emergencies. He is saying that with all his background into the workings of the mind and emotional states, stress is still something that each one has to work out for themselves.

His testimony is that there is no quick fix for a heart condition, including stents, Statin Drugs, or by-pass surgery.  None of this will save you.  The only possibility is a fundimental change in your life style.  His several blogs available from this link.


Part of the Action

We remain committed to be on the forefront of what will support life, both in your family and on planet earth. 


My interaction with you is an Experiment to further enable this vision to be true, and up to the rhythm that you are a part of the action.  


Please contribute to make this vision real.  

With Heart Felt Thanks, Richard Miller.



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