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Valentines wishes from Canela Michelle

Let's talk about love on this Valentines Day.


OK, I'll call you in an hour.

Burma Lee Cassidy

 This is another talk that came together within a day or two of our first contact.  And yet we both felt as if we have know each other for a long time.  Burma shared an amazing dream, that in a way, has taken 40 years to realize.  All that time is perplexing, but none-the-lerss very clear.

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Moving Forward from Zeitgeist

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Sperry Andrews introduced me to Zeitgeist almost 2 years ago.  I listened to the director Peter Joseph speak about many obvious and not so obvious defects in our society, which I had appreciated.  I left it because somehow the tone to me was too personalized, that there was a THEY out there, and they were doing it to us.  The approach seemed to be a conspiracy theory, or another "anxiety approach".

The movement has much momentum, and this is their movie released this year.   It really has some deep truths and presented in a level headed way.  Whether the ultimate solution is their Venus Project, I can't say, but why not wish them well?  This kind of living would have to get modeled in some place.  Let them do it.  Send them our encouragement.  (This movie is long, 161 minutes - Most of this film is very rational and well thought out.  It is impressive.  Youtube allows only 3 choices for a thumbnail.  This image is unfortunately not representative of what they are talking about and only a minor illustration.)


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Welcome Back Neelam

 I acknowledged to Neelam that she was the first non-duality person that I ever videoed, and the first spiritual content that I ever uploaded to Youtube.  This was one year before NNH was ever thought of.  At the time there were no spiritual teachers (zero) on Youtube.  I had used all the search words and not one came up.  I did find one slide show (not a video) with J Krishnamurti.  I truly wondered, will this forum even watch a movie like this.  Hey, by now they do.  Here are those original video excerpts:  (April 1st 2006, I called my channel "iCANrealize".  I can!)


Helen Hughes founder of Windsor House School
Peaceful world only out of peaceful kids

What was life like for you in your early schooling?  Personally, I was shocked every day by believing in inadequacy.


Take a Look Inside the School

A 16-minute documentary made in 2004 by Sherry Sakamoto and Terry Martyniuk of Pacific Spirit Productions.


Jac O'Keeffe now lives in Cost Rica
Drop by our "front porch" for a chat

 A new level of global community allows people to show up on our virtual doorstep and spend some time.


What a joy this is.  Here is Jac, and those who have gathered around her, sharing their lives among themselves, and also with us, such that there is no inside/outside.  There is no space that divides us.


Come one, come all, Really.

Jac and Patrick tell us of a natural state
An Evening with Walter Belling
Community is where friends drop by for a chat

 How great it is to sit on the front porch, and talk to neighbors who pass by.


Hey, you can do that virtually, and you're all invited to drop by.


I notice when I set up talks.  So many teachers have such a hard time to even make an appointment.  My guess is that they still operate with that old momentum of one thing at a time, my plate is full, need to optimize with a concentration on one thing at a time.  Who is really spontaneous any more.  Who says, "Hi, I'm here, let's spend some time together?"


I try to be available to anyone who calls. Not just the guest presenters.  Try Me.


I am really loving Walter.  Please check it out. (We'll have a better webcam focus next time.)

Dominique Mazeaud, care for water resources through beauty

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

This ritual brought 60 local women together in celebration of water, our life giving source. The ritual also bore witness to the contamination of our water supplies* and ended with a healing prayer. Inspired by the tradition of women as water bearers, each woman carried her own pitcher in the ritual as a symbol of her personal commitment to guard and conserve this precious resource. The combined waters carried by these 60 women represent the collective impact of their individual commitment. Their prayers were sealed in a bottle and offered to the Pacific Ocean. 


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Bentinho Massaro, Free Awareness
Remain Undisturbed
This is immediate
If this video doesn't show you your direct presence, watch again after the interview.
With Grace and Ease
Sometimes lost
I watched myself go in and out of the story of each question.
Canela Michelle, immense interest for life
About youth and "passing the torch"
Let interest be your guide in this life

 An alternative education, an authentic life follows what is up for this moment.  Let interest unfold creatively, and always lead to what is true for you in this moment.


Even acknowledging an "interest" that seems dark, self limiting, foreboding or frustrating.  Is it wrong to describe as an interest, our fascination with inadequacy and neediness?  OK, it is one thing to be so fascinated with what this trail of thought will lead to.  Perhaps it is another to just let the feeling reverberate, without giving meaning.

Part of the Action

We remain committed to be on the forefront of what will support life, both in your family and on planet earth. 


My interaction with you is an Experiment to further enable this vision to be true, and up to the rhythm that you are a part of the action.  


Please contribute to make this vision real.  

With Heart Felt Thanks, Richard Miller.



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