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Marilyn Strong. Friendship 24

Marilyn is involved in women's work, and performs both weddings and home funeral ceremonies.  Marilyn resonates with the magic of the sacred ceremony.



Of course it is not my "duty" to believe whatever our guests are into.  Neither do I want to come off as dismissing it.  

Many people believe in the importance of hope, for instance.  (Not Marilyn).  Many others search for ultimate knowledge of a meaning in life.  The search for meaning and the ultimate finding of it is an important part of living.  I guess that I believe meaning is always an overlay.  Then it could never be fundamental to living a quality life.  I called it "decorations".  I hope that I was not too hard on Marilyn.  What a great experience it is to "walk softly".

Shawn Nevins at SIG 2010
Shawn Nevins step by step communication

 I was deeply touched by Shawn's deliberate and not rushed message.

The space to let it sink in was offered and appreciated.

Shawn was the last speaker at SIG 2010
We're not afraid to talk "positive thoughts"
An organic teaching doesn't deny life or the world

We talked about meeting people where they are at. How refreshing, how responsible.


How can a teaching that is based on denial of this world be effective? You can't deny. The very act of denial is an affirmation. So for me, the teaching of what you are not (neti neti) is something that we transcend in spite of, not because of.

Positive is a metaphor for wholeness
Unmani in the flow of dialogue
Unmani unrelentingly points, life is already OK

I love this talk.  My primary recording flopped, so I am back with Blip TV and Flash movies like in 2009. 

Rats!  But we'll see if I can repair it.  It would surely be  worth it.

Unmani From the UK on October 19th 2010

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Dalai Lama's inaugural address Happy Thoughts World Peace Festival

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

 Some hours before we held our event in Bloomington IL another world peace day was held in India under the auspices of the Tej Gyan Foundation, attended by 100,000 people and broadcast live on Indian Jagran TV to over a million.

The 14th Dalai Lama was the honored speaker at that event.  Here he is:



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10-10-10 Peace Day Presentation, I'm blown away

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Somewhere below I have been sharing my practice sessions working on what to say about peace.  When it came to the actual talk, there was clearly no way I could ramble on that long.  I just slashed and burned on the fly, and didn't really know what came out of it.

Wow, this is exactly what I wanted to say.  What a miracle????


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Even though we have 50 hours of video with Jac
We never focus on a "Life Story"

 That's just the way it is?  I never feel drawn to pull on more story.  Enough seems to come without trying.


Still, here Rick Archer talks with Jac, and does a great job of chronicling, and most of these episodes I have never heard.  Maybe the continuous construction and de-construction of this life can give some indication of what is here before every story.


I remember a sub-titled Brazilian movie I saw 20 years ago.  An aboriginal man walked out of the Amazon in complete and total innocence.  Our western beliefs as the audience said that there was no way that he could live, even for a week.  Yet in his innocence he found himself in a situation, (for the viewer a miracle), and he got along just fine, and what we assumed was just perfect for him (by the grace of God).


Then in the same innocence he walked away from that perfect situation, and the audience was heartbroken for the man.  Then, almost immediately by what seemed his innocence he found himself in another situation, even better than the first.  Wow, were we relieved.  But he walked on that one too?  (If he had only known how lucky he was?)


We he went through that sequence about a dozen times and each time we were heartbroken when he walked away from a fantastic life situation.  The movie played with our identification and attachment to our external story.  In the end there was a garden party, turned out for his daughter that had just graduated from college, and he had the trappings of a full fledged western man, but still in all his innocence.


Jac's life went together and came apart many times, until she did not believe in any of it.  Check it out.  (I always miss her voice.)

Buddha at the Gas Pump 41
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Broadcast World Peace day 10-10-10

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller
From 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm Central time this Sunday the 10th of October I am going to broadcast a "World Peace Day" From Bloomington IL. on both of our streaming channels.  This is organized by the TejGyan Foundation as inspired by SirShree Parkiji.  I have quite a few hours of filming from that time 2 years ago when I was in India.  But those videos remain as some of my 70 sessions not edited and not presented.
I have also been invited to speak.  Here I am practicing, my 9th take.  I don't think that they are counting on my talking 25 minutes, but we'll see.
This is going to be fun.  Here are 2 forms of the Good Morning Peace booklet from SirShree. (sorry pdf has a white column to the right?)
Word  Doc         PDF
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Fresh and Authentic from S.I.G. in Raleigh
Jenny Jensen, Jason Perez and Steve Kunin
Insight and "ordinary life"
The authenticity of these 3 sharings excites me. These are most positive messages and what we are all looking for.
Lauren and Jenny consider the weekend
I pushed these ladies hard
I want to know. What is it that can be obvious, with no "seeds" planted by conditioning or expectation?
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Just a Story, we say, talk with Filmmakers on Friendship 22

Steven and Whitney Boe are both actors, writers, directors and producers, so they understand the movie business from all sides.  Never Not Here is definitely telling a story.  So we are always fascinated by storytelling and what can be received and what seems difficult to promulgate.

Non-duality, from our perspective, is a story about no stories, that doesn't really hit home for very many people.  Could it be that there is a better way to tell it?  That is what we are all about.

I couldn't get my interest away from the movie technicalities for some time, but I was able to introduce some way to "say it", (which I called a humility lesson).  Steve and Whitney are not your typical Advaitist "in-crowd".  What did they take away from this interchange?  That is the important experiment that NNH is conducting.


Find out more about their latest full length documentory at. www.MythMovie.Net

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