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Fresh and Authentic from S.I.G. in Raleigh
Jenny Jensen, Jason Perez and Steve Kunin
Insight and "ordinary life"
The authenticity of these 3 sharings excites me. These are most positive messages and what we are all looking for.
Lauren and Jenny consider the weekend
I pushed these ladies hard
I want to know. What is it that can be obvious, with no "seeds" planted by conditioning or expectation?
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Just a Story, we say, talk with Filmmakers on Friendship 22

Steven and Whitney Boe are both actors, writers, directors and producers, so they understand the movie business from all sides.  Never Not Here is definitely telling a story.  So we are always fascinated by storytelling and what can be received and what seems difficult to promulgate.

Non-duality, from our perspective, is a story about no stories, that doesn't really hit home for very many people.  Could it be that there is a better way to tell it?  That is what we are all about.

I couldn't get my interest away from the movie technicalities for some time, but I was able to introduce some way to "say it", (which I called a humility lesson).  Steve and Whitney are not your typical Advaitist "in-crowd".  What did they take away from this interchange?  That is the important experiment that NNH is conducting.


Find out more about their latest full length documentory at. www.MythMovie.Net

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Friendship 21, with Sarojini

We talked of a full circle, the imbibing of who I really am, and not getting stuck, but bringing that experience back to life as it appears on this planet.  Why not?  What other game is there?  No other kind of caution is needed.

For my money, these "Open Mic" dialogues are as clear or more clear than any satsang.  Sure, dialogues have concepts too, but these concepts do not mislead anyone.  There are no Hooks.  "Satsang-talk" is often a big can of worms.



Jac O'Keeffe, report from the Silence

 Seventy Acres, 25 people all alone, 30 days no talk.  What can come of it?


Jac O'Keeffe runs a one month silent retreat in New York.  Our thanks to Dawn Mellard, Trish Remele and Lina Watson, who give it a go to express what that was like.


(Weekend of September 11-12, four live Web casts with Jac O'Keeffe from Toronto.)

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Slowdown in New Account Procedure

 If you are applying for a user account you might notice things seem stalled out.  Please have patience.  We have gone to manual approval because certain groups of people have opened dozens of user accounts (if not 100's), which we think does not serve what we are doing.

I believe their reasoning might be that leaving links in "tell us about yourself" would help the search ratings of the sites that they link to. (Now I have set a "no-crawl" attribute on all links, so none will be counted.)  Maybe they get some money for this. For instance, in the last 30 days we have 621 visits from the Philippines.  Are there that many "Advaita-ists" there?  Or are the few dollars they might get for a days work establishing links, worth the effort to them?  I am not that much against links, only against multiple user accounts.

WE MAY INADVERTENTLY DELETE YOUR REAL ACCOUNT.  Again please have patience with us and apply for a new one when this thing gets solved.  THANKS.  Please leave a comment.

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Friendship 20, with Marie (Mari) Cadman

Mari Cadman is living in Brisbane Australia.   We talked of everything from breaking a horse to nursing babies in a hospital.  What is clear is that there are no words for the undifferentiated whole that life is.  

Yet Mari feels to write, and has a yen to share this new experience.  Life is a "field" Mari says.  I like that description.

Jerry Wennstrom's Artwork Featured in full length movie

 Jerry is a featured artist in "Mythic Journeys", a movie by Steven and Whitney Boe.  When Jerry got permission from them to use their film as a springboard to show off his art, he asked me if I would be interested in piecing the short together.  I have always thought of movie making, and at the same time I have always resisted putting too much time and effort into effects and graphics.


In fact, you see that Never Not Here is always in the simplest of formats.  Just today I announced the public access expansion into Rhode Island.  Would graphics and motion make any difference to what we do?


In the mean time, see what a magical life Jerry Wennstrom has lead as an artist.





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Friendship 19, with Benjamin Smythe

More Open than Ben?  Doesn't appear too often.  Is it a benediction to self and those around?  I see it as yes.  When we can see ourselves and our reflection in others, all possibilities flood in.  That is when life seems to "just take care".


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Friendship 17, Raja Subramaniyan (Chennai)

Raja applied himself to the knowledge of Vedanta with Swami Suddananda.   He reports that this knowledge allowed freedom, such that he no longer has a guru.  It's no longer needed, the work is done.  

That is very interesting, (and comforting that something works), in that I never heard of anyone leaving a guru, still on the best of terms.  So often gurus seem "sticky" so that people, and even non-dual teachers claim a lineage well after the physical death of their guru.

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Friendship 16 with Kim Michaels, (Estonia)

Both Kim and I could probably talk for a long time without our interest lagging.  What is that "reality beyond human experience"?  Can you describe it?  Is it worth trying, or is it the describing which keeps you in the role of a seeker?




Part of the Action

We remain committed to be on the forefront of what will support life, both in your family and on planet earth. 


My interaction with you is an Experiment to further enable this vision to be true, and up to the rhythm that you are a part of the action.  


Please contribute to make this vision real.  

With Heart Felt Thanks, Richard Miller.



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