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Friendship 15 with Christine Wushke

Seeing what's true can be dramatic and exciting, even take your breath away.  Seeing what's true can be obvious, beautiful and effortless.

Do you get to take your pick?  Please do me the honor of imbibing the light of Christine Wushke. 


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Friendship 14 with Joelle Hendrick

Joelle is a natural.  In Many ways she lives with a natural intelligence that comes before anything picked up by some teaching. 

We all divide up our lives to the part that we're comfortable with and the part that we're not.  That is our supposed  "steering wheel" which hopefully functions once in a while to avoid pain and confusion.  

Is it necessary?

Joelle calls for more women to share on Friendship.


Just before I posted this I wrote to Joelle, "I was listening to our talk later that afternoon on Wednesday the 23rd, and it was raining.  Then the rain picked up quite strongly, and we started to take water in our basement studio.

Friendship (lucky) 13, with Rafael Stoneman

A Video was made and posted.  One day later someone emailed me about it.  (Katie Davis and Maren Springsteen were already signed into his web site).  That same afternoon we connected and this video was made.

I didn't do it!   I am definitely off of the hook as a "doer".  I was available for it, sure.

Here is the video that Rafael made, a link for now:  http://vimeo.com/12742460  Here is some Youtube action: 


Friendship 12 with Max Konyi, Amazing

Dear friends, Gather around, pull up a chair and settle in, (this one is pushing 3 hours).  For me it is truly an amazing encounter and discussion that exemplifies exactly what I am sure of, that my "personal way" of looking at and suffering through a quest for truth is not everyone's experience.  There is such an intelligence at work in this man, and I am so honored to have been invited into the process. 

Can this discussion occur with your children, with your grandchildren?  Why not?   Show this discussion to your kids, whether they are 15 or 35.  My thanks to Max.



Friendship Series 11, with Zahir Khan

Zak was a joy to talk with.  He didn't go for any circuitous complications, or long winded theories of what holds us back.  Isn't that what we are all looking for?  Does it take a youthful insight to provide that?



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Friendship Series 10, with Rick Archer

Rick Archer (after years with TM) and living in Fairfield Iowa, has started a Public access TV program called "Buddha at the Gas Pump".  He interviews awakened people on his show and has archives of his interviews on his website.



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Friendship Series 9, with Alexander Shomlo

Alexander Shomlo has participated and called in on many NNH webcasts from his home in Florida.  This recording was made on June 5th 2010 from Israel, while on a vacation in his homeland.

"Friendship", is really just straight talk about life, and you are invited to participate.  It has been very meaningful to those who have done it.


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Emotional Freedom Technique "Proves" non Duality

To me Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT has relevance to non-duality, because it graphically demonstrates that longstanding emotional disorders and many many physical manifestations don't exist, as entities.  They exist more as illusions.  (They exist, but not as your mind thinks they do.)  Some that have known about EFT have told me, " Oh, that's only about fixing yourself".  But I say no, that it is a doorway to understanding illusion.  If problems are an illusion, so are pleasures.  If life is an illusion, well, that doesn't devalue it in any way?  It just makes it totally flexible.  Life becomes a game that you can play as a master.


This gets us closer to a felt understanding when non-dualists sometimes say "nothing really happened" or "nothing exists".  If you can't call that an understanding, at least you can say there is a relaxation around that concept of 'nothing', and one isn't so obsessed about getting an answer, "what do you mean that nothing exists"?


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What Is it Ye Would See? If Aught of Woe or Wonder, Cease Your Search.

Suzanne FoxtonSuzanne Foxton

It's frightening, losing your life. Everything you ever thought was important just melts away. The complex value systems, the vehicles for outrage, the impassioned striving for a better world, all that happens to no one. What dies is what believes it is not whole. What goes is the notion that any of the morals or outrage or striving is the "why" of being; what drops away is the need for any "why". It is the seeker that dies, although seeking can still arise, but perhaps not in the context of the search for some massive existential purpose.

There is still seeking, and longing, and circumstances that require apparent actions that seem opposed to this message, such as raising your children to be constructive citizens, with a drive to fulfill their potential. But who is all this happening to? When does it happen? To no one, and not in time. It is shining, singing being, speaking through the senses and thoughts and feelings, observing itself with duality, but it is only and ever being, playing the game of living. There need be no one taking it all so seriously, for what is being taken seriously is an illusion, the illusion of a separate self. What can happen, can happen unfettered by this funny idea of you.

Jim Carrey in The Truman Show - everything you've always believed in collapses; it's not necessarily a "bad" thing. Who can make such a judgement?

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Friendship Series 8, with Carlos Boisselle

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Carlos is a breath of fresh air.  When I was with him I felt no need to wrap my head around any of the "trusty explanations" .  We were just meeting in the moment and have the simplest conversation.  I guess we played a game called, What is Here Right Now?

He is full of Joy.  If you are close to Long Beach CA, it would pay to look him up.


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