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Friendship Series 7, with Michiel Kroon

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Michiel has participated with NNH since the start of the web casts.  Just a simple view may be the most effective at easing life. That ease is what allows total imbibing of that what IS, without any reluctance or fear.  Perhaps it's the gateway of the satguru within.

Sophistication and explanations seem to do the opposite.


Perception and Experience

Dr Vijai ShankarDr Vijai Shankar

Read from the full post Man is alive, and he or she knows it. Man is very clear that he or she is alive; he does not doubt it. He has no need to verify it from others either. No teaching of any sort is required to know that he is alive. Man does not pray to God to know that he is alive; he is happy that he or she is alive, though he may think that he is not happy in life. But man cannot perceive and experience this aliveness. If he were clear about life, then he would certainly be happy; so he should be clear whether life is real or an illusion. Life cannot be both. If life is real, nothing can be done about it, because that which is real cannot be changed and, if life were an illusion, there would be no need for anything to be done about it. Furthermore, if life is an illusion, then man will be an illusion too, and there would be nobody real to do anything about the illusion. But man thinks that life is real; he thinks that life is real because he or she is convinced that perception and experience are real. These need to be examined as to whether they are or not.

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"Cancer is Not a Disease"

Andreas Moritz is the author of this book and others, and I think that he is also a non-duality teacher.

I found this book on Gabriella's bookshelf and she sent me away with it.  I was amazed.  A key to describing the cancer cells mechanism is in the following paragraph:  (HERE ARE SOME VIDEOS WITH ANDREAS)

"It may be easier to understand the cancer cells phenomenon when comparing it with the behavior of common microorganisms. Bacteria, for example, are divided into two main groups, aerobic and anaerobic, meaning, those that need to use oxygen and those that can live without it. This is important to understand since we have more bacteria in our body than we have cells. Aerobic bacteria thrive in an oxygenated environment. They are responsible for helping us with the digestion of food and manufacturing of important nutrients, such as B-vitamins. Anaerobic bacteria, on the other hand, can appear and thrive in an environment where oxygen does not reach. They break down waste materials, toxic deposits and dead, worn-out cells."


Cancer is not a Disease - It's a Survival Mechanism

Mooji on April 25th

 Here is Mooji on the raw file.  Raw means really quick to get on the web site, but audio not balanced.  We were in a Boston Basement, on the road.  In interest in speed, here it is: 




(This is our most viewed show while it was live.  490 people watched, 331 attempts to call in.)



Attention is such a sucker to expectations

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

 It seems almost impossible to say anything is real "out there" when what we see can be so easily manipulated by our expectations.

This is what we have been saying all along.  What proofs do we need to get it?

Tendancies, the mechanism that holds us in "our Illusion"

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

What is it that keeps us in seemingly endless cycles of repitition?  Is it our turning away from any possible breakthrough?
Andreas from Sweden shares: Oh the talks with Dr. Shankar have been wonderful. Never heard him before, watching the first with just you and him made me burst into laughter. He seems to be authorative in his approach, questioning our beliefs - exposing them to us very directly.

  • I enjoy hearing him say that life has its own way - whatever comes to man, it's just a reflection of life and that's how it has to be. Really doesn't get that complicated
  • I would like to ask you - did you feel that some people were disturbed by his straightforwardness? That he seems to dismiss some questions before they are actually really formulated
  • I myself take it as a way of pointing to what's relevant in his teaching - or "unteaching" of the mind. 

I answered to him:  Yes, I think that you are right that some people are disturbed by his directness. It is too bad that they miss out on his revelation, by clinging to ideas that they know and accepting only the hoped for verification of those thoughts. We can all take a lesson from how the human mechanism works.  Even you and I are blocking new input on some subtle (or not too subtle) level. Yet Dr. Shankar is emphatic that there is nothing to "DO" about it. Let's just be open for that understanding to occur??


Dialogues with Scott Kiloby
For me this might be a first, just looking at what works.
To talk about the teaching with a critical eye. Wherein lies the clarity, where is built-in confusion?
and "Millologues"
I guess I believe in an importance of what was said?
Let's hear your comments on how this strikes you. Where are you "stuck"?
Scott Kiloby's clarity on "Non-Separation"
Seeing through thoughts, emotions and sensations is possible


Almost like B.S. and A.S. that leaves life different?
"Before Scott" and "After Scott". I can no longer be miss-interpreting thoughts, emotions, sensations, experiences or states as reality.
Experiences, "states" and the core story, seem so believable


A breakthrough weekend for myself and many
Scott has a willingness to make the alternatives clear. Recognize freedom or see what level of concepts have you settled upon?

Friendship Series, 6th episode with Kevan Myers

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

I met Kevan last year in India, when I was filming both non-duality teachers and other people that I found to be "rich in life experience".  I intended to make a series called NATURAL INTELLIGENCE with that material.  

Sometimes we seem to hold an awakening experience as something very special, which must mean that it is hardly available to us. Of course with such a viewpoint, it would be hardly available to us.  Kevan's website is:


You can email him: DancingYetiPoetry (at) gmail.com



About Kevan Myers

Friendship Series with Allan Morelock
Earliest candid remembrance sets life path
Living at ease with whatever experience occurs

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