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Friendship Series, 3rd episode with Robert Martin

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Our experiment is just to talk, with no expectations, no agenda and no special expertise.  Butch and I spoke with absolute sincerity.  I see him as a real mystic, even if he wouldn't agree, the deep insight is already there.  He is amazingly intense, but also sure that everyone's intensity is of the same importance.

You are all invited to appear on this series.  We can say that is the beauty of the internet.  It allows like-minded people to "find their tribe".  When they come together, it's only natural that they will make their presence known for what is important to them. You have found this site and our modest activity.  Now please let us find you, and this activity may take on another dimension.



Holiday Picnic, an activity so ordinary
Labor Day 2008 Part One
I realize how fortunate this life has been
What an outstanding experience, what an inspiration that led up to completing all the details, and what an inertia that kept it waiting in the "hopper" for over 18 months?
Labor Day 2008 Part Two
How "enlightening" it is to see an 18 month Flashback
I was actually a pretty contentious guy back then and maybe still am, but it is so clear to me how much I have softened. I have a lot to be grateful for. (TV on consecutive weeks, so duplicate close.)

I missed the sound of Mooji's voice

There are 2 parts to this meditation, but you fall right in stride with this part 2. It's more than Enough.




Arjen shared this one, Mooji putting out a "life challenge" that takes you right home. 


Matt Kahn's picture

The Simplicity of Meditation

Matt KahnMatt Kahn

(Please open the full text to read this one)  The practice of meditation can be found as a regular activity in countless weekend retreats, and is often viewed as a necessary cornerstone in many spiritual traditions. For any seeker yearning for a deeper sense of fulfillment, or even a life reflecting greater meaning, meditation is often explored as a personal practice.

When meditation is approached as another technique or achievement to unknowingly fuel the appetite of ego, meditative seekers seem to always fit into two distinct categories of behavior. Some, approach meditation in search of its folklore of benefits, practicing to sit still for whatever is thought to be gained from extended periods of time spent on the meditation cushion. When a seeker meditates to fulfill any sort of desire, whether it is a conceptual idea of enlightenment, greater intuition, deeper insights, or any other power it imagines still being without, meditation is turned into a game of manipulation. From this position, seekers attempt to get from their practice whatever they feel is somehow missing, while unknowingly missing the entire point.

The other approach to meditation is viewed as a technique to rid oneself of whatever is here, that act as barriers to the fulfillment of future desires the seeker imagines and craves. From this approach, seekers want less mental noise, less emotional turmoil, less distractions, and less of anything else they have misinterpreted and labeled as a problem.

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What Is "Enlightenment"?

Ronda LaRueRonda LaRue


An Interview Talk with Ronda LaRue

There is a recently published book out called: The Awakening West* in which authors John Lumiere-Wins and Lynn Marie Lumiere ask a series of questions to twenty contemporary teachers of the west including Eckhart Tolle, Francis Lucille, Gangaji, Rabbi Rami Shapiro and others.

Ronda was recently interviewed using these great questions and we thank and acknowledge John and Lynn Marie for this intriguing format and their beautiful book.*

Below are the questions, followed by a transcript of the interview and Ronda's responses.

RONDA: "I'd like to suggest you pose these questions to yourself as well - you might be surprised what is seen..."

Questions adapted from the book: THE AWAKENING WEST*

1) Who are you?
2) What is enlightenment, realization, awakening?
3) How did this awakening occur for you?
4) Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for others who are experiencing a desire for awakening to the truth?
5) Does it seem that more and more people in the West are awakening to the truth of their being? And if so, what does it signify?
6) What do you see as the source of suffering in the world, and what if anything can or should be done about it?
7) Without operating out of a personal “I” how do you make decisions and get things done?
8) In the realization of who you really are, how do you experience relationship with others?
9) Does involvement in the various therapies and spiritual practices assist in awakening?


For more: rondalarue.com

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"I Am" by Matt Kahn

Matt KahnMatt Kahn

I am the kingdom that you seek,
the simple truth that words can't speak.
I am the Buddha's silent vow,
and every question asking how.
Within all shapes and in-between,
I am the space that rests unseen.
I am the spark engulfing mind,
the noticer, you'll never find.
With inquiry, you'll find what's true,
I am this breath that breathes as you.

I am the stars, I am the sky,
I am the life that cannot die.
I am this word that came and passed,
like a sound in time, that cannot last.
I am the now, I am what's here,
and every thought, that's seen so clear.
I am the love, I am the light,
I am the dark that's burning bright.
I am the grace, I am the heart,
I am what can't be pulled apart.
I am the trees, I am the birds,
I am the dream that reads these words.
I am the war, I am the peace,
and all resolve, when choices cease.
I am the joy, I am the dance,
of temporary circumstance.

I am the all, I am the one,
the truth that is, when all is done.
I am the life, just passing through,
and what remains - so, what are you?

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Friendship 1, with Marc Grecco

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

The "truth is within you". We hear it 1000's of times from many angles, yet we are still looking outside for who's going to mentor us, who's going to guide us to find that "right path" to the within. Is it true? Is that really necessary?

Our experiment is just to talk, with no expectations and no special expertise. Trusting that what comes up is right, and finding it truly amazing. We are experiencing a deep deep friendship that is usually thought to take years to develop. Could this point to something getting revealed about our true nature? Testimony is that after all inquiry, what remains is love. Let's find out for ourselves.

You are all invited to appear on this series. Just email your willingness to talk, and we will schedule a time. (It takes a medium good video Skype connection, which is not that difficult. We can coach you on that.)

Marc Grecco and I talked about many things, from athletic endeavor, what is the"zone" for athletes, Meditation, Bhakti Yoga, being a man, relationships, and most importantly, the impact of the Course in Miracles.

In the 2nd hour we talked much more about the Course in Miracles.  I was blown away, when talking about forgiveness, he came up with "the only one to forgive is yourself, for buying in to such a story of blame in the first place."  (Somewhat paraphrased, hope that I did not loose the point.)   Here is the second video:


Thank you Mark

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Something much bigger than me, that's NNH

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

I want to explain myself, because some of you might be wondering why I am not scheduling "teacher" interviews at the same rhythm as last year, and "what's up " for this year. Well, really I have no grand vision that I am about to spring on you. It is just that I don't want to take you on the "great circular route", nor get too repetitious.

I do believe that we can still hear from new faces, (even 100's of them). But let's do it in a constantly new and creative way. Let's affect the lives of more and more people, and especially those who have not been attracted to the way this message is now presented. Let's also discover where we have stopped looking for ourselves. If we believe non-duality is the only truth or the next great savior of mankind, if we twinge when people talk about process or cause and effect, well, I think that we are really stuck in our own "new and improved" concepts.

I have long known about other internet broadcasters on the cutting edge. Financing makes for sophisticated systems. But what if anything are we missing, and where would we take it if resources were no limit?

Please check out my little video, and I will put a few links below, if you want to get a fuller view of what can happen in this wide open medium.

13 minutes long

Here is part of the written history of Leo and Twit.tv (This Week in Tech, TWiT)


This is about his website, (Ours is also Drupal based, maybe we are doing a few things right?) http://twit.tv/colophon

Here's his discussion about financing: http://twit.tv/2009/12/03/whats_twit_worth_you

Here is the full video that I excerpted above, (sorry for the white flashes, I left them in, but the message is the same.) It's called the "Best. Video. About. Twit. Ever". You might have to track it down, because today it was on page one, and tonight on page 3.  This week Leo is broadcasting live from a technology trade show floor in Las Vegas. (Hey, we have mobile broadcasts too.)


All very interesting because you don't need to re-invent the wheel to talk to the world. Leo wants to become the CNN for technology. I don't attach very easily to superlatives. But we could certainly touch a lot of lives on this planet. We know the message that makes a difference and we have the methods to get it out there. We are on the cutting edge, and strategically much better poised than any one Guru, Master or charismatic leader, because we include them too.

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"In Person" meeting with Suzanne Foxton
Suzanne's first session from Jan 3rd
Here's the afternoon session Jan 3rd

Fractal Evolution: Alan Steinfeld interviews Bruce Lipton

Sperry AndrewsSperry Andrews


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