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Fractal Evolution: Alan Steinfeld interviews Bruce Lipton

Sperry AndrewsSperry Andrews


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Connection through song with Bernie Heideman

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

 I was cleaning out hard disk space this week and I found the Gayatri Mantra sung by Bernie Heideman.  I couldn't throw it away without doing something with it.  Four years ago I stayed with Bernie in Hotchkiss, CO.. We stayed up late every night and talked.  I was filming at a Neelam retreat, and I also participated in one of his Dances of Universal Peace.

It was always great fun with Neelam because she offered so many processes of interaction between people. What's it like when you look into your neighbor's eyes, 20 people in succession and sing "I am open to all that you are"?  TRY IT!

Do you get enlightened? I guess I am not qualified to comment.  Is that the point?

Videos from Bernie Heideman

 This is one in a night of singing at a Neelam group New Year 2006 Hari Om Tat Sat Dance & Music at the Lava Dance Camp 





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Video for Recognizing Present Awareness

Scott KilobyScott Kiloby

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