A video journal about my particular journey through life.
Let it be insightful for you, if it feels right.

Barry Brailsford, News of the Waitaha, early Migrations to New Zealand
Discover Centuries of Peaceful People
Like Wow, I have never imagined
Barry is so connected to the spirit of Waitaha, their knowing sings through his voice.
Ancient Wisdom Never Lost, Still Needed
We're Everyone Always Connected
Even if we think we are a lost generation, we are always of the earth, we are always Planet Earth.

The Alvei top masted Schooner in Fiji and Vanuatu

I met with Captain Evan Logan, Owner of the Alvei. You can spend months at sea for about $50 a day. Probably the best "spiritual retreat" possible. Write for availability, (no answers while at sea, be patient.)

Nicole Foss, a Sober look at the world situation

I wanted to uncover the origins of man's economic realtionships.  Maybe that was too ambitious of a goal?


Insightful is when she says people are either complacent or panicky.  Where are those "Place-Holders" in the middle?  Those that can take effective action while there is meaningful time to do so?  Where are those that can take life's challenges and even enjoy them and enjoy doing what is humanly possible to reduce the impact of mistaken behavior, behavior choices of self, and of the other?

David Riddell, Definitions Revisited for Mental Health
David Riddell on New kind of Assertion
1st of 3 meetings with Single's Group
Recognizing boundaries that bring up issues for you today and dealing with it responsibly sometimes takes some assertive action.
Richmond Baptist Church Address
Toxic Religion
Toxic beliefs assume that we abdicate our responsibility and autonomy for what someone tells us. They are really telling us and pointing so that we check it out and experience it for ourselves. When we act out blind "faith" we are robots for anyone else to utilize.
John Wheeler, With Bob and with Richard
My Chance to Talk with John Wheeler
Bob and John working a Satsang Together

Jarek Czechowicz, Music that points toward stillness

 Sometimes we talk from a very deep silence.  We might think that it comes from a quiet space, but here, as we were talking about interruptions, we found ourselves in a flurry of activity that passed through the scene about 20 times.  Were we perturbed?  Look if you see any evidence of unease?


In the Garden of Silence


Conversation as Improvised Music



We talked about so many things that seemed to be a breakthrough. The Real source of Creativity, A new look at Temptation and much more.


What would it be like if everything that happens in life is as creative as the intervals of a musical piece?



Jayadev and the Shankarananda Devotees, a potent combination

See all three Kirtans sung the night of February 13th at this link.

What a night of joy and dance.  We sing out so full heartedly when in the company of Shankarananda.

Jac O'keeffe confirms a beauty that comes and goes

 I really never thought about it, all the to-do they have given to 2012.  But something is true because from January 1st my life took an immense shift, wow.  I wanted people to see it, and one whom I really love is Jac O'Keeffe.


Jac took a look and saw this.  (My friend preferred not to appear, allowing this as my privileged moment.  If I need a word it is the Italian ni', half way between no and si').

Swamiji expounds on Matrika, Thought Structures that Create

 We both agreed that this interview was a very special experience.  At least you will not find another one like it on this site.  We started with constructive Matrika and destructive Matrika (tearing thoughts).  Of course there is "Spiritual Matrika" too.  We also considered if there could be a life without any Matrika.

I spoke with Sean Gordon and Pat Lock, Representatives of their respective Aboriginal Peoples


(I had a great fortune in meeting and being accepted by all of these people, in January 2012.)

 Indigenous elders invited all Aboriginal people, supporters and other members of the general public, to come together at the 'Aboriginal Tent Embassy' site in Canberra, on Thursday 26th January 2012, to celebrate "SOVEREIGNTY DAY" and be part of the Sacred Fire Ceremonial Gathering that will mark 40 years since the first protest on the site.  Now after 40 years of continuously burning the sacred fire 24/7 (almost 15,000 days) not one government official or politician, not even the aboriginal MP showed up to address these original people?  Explain that one please.  What do you have to do to be heard or acknowledged in white Australia?


Sean Gordon is from the Darkinjung People


Pat Lock of the Carwoola People






Part of the Action

We remain committed to be on the forefront of what will support life, both in your family and on planet earth. 


My interaction with you is an Experiment to further enable this vision to be true, and up to the rhythm that you are a part of the action.  


Please contribute to make this vision real.  

With Heart Felt Thanks, Richard Miller.



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