A video journal about my particular journey through life.
Let it be insightful for you, if it feels right.

Paul Lowe, Major Shift

On Dec 24th 2011 Paul addressed an intimate group which we can share with you.

Kira Kay, the Blend of Life

Kira and I, just "hanging out" together at Paul's, and only natural we also talk, very grounded to life.

Robert Young, Allowing the Unseen

I guess I just don't fully get it.  Activity appears, and why shouldn't I get to play in it?  That wholeness creates immediately to fill a space of pure allowing, it is not apparent to me.  Plenty of allowing is happening through apparent individuals, and the world looks the same.  


Then we start talking "critical mass" and so on.  Come On?

Beyond Parroting must be at the Root of Discovery

 I believe that we did something unique here.  We went into each word and beneath all spiritual bla bla.   I felt an energetic shift.  It is completely exciting to reach under the carpet of verbal parlance into the nuances of pure creativity.


I feel that we have finally graduated from "Parrot University" and are ready for the uncharted schooling of Now.  I hope that it is not too labor intensive and you could go along with it for a while you might become addicted too.  

Gopi sees an unfiltered world

 Older generations can't resist to offer their gift, (and hangups) toward the future.  Is our legacy all that great?  Blindness, numbness, resignment, blame, hollow activities, half believed life?

How about us older humbly accept the gifts of the younger?

John Sherman, Just One Look

We have a notion that what is really alive is Presence.  Presence responds rather than reacts.  That part of the wisdom teaching that responds will change every moment in harmony with what is in front of it.  That part of wisdom teaching that is concept will collapse.


We also have a belief in continuous (and slow) evolution, that even the Grand Canyon was worn down one grain of sand at a time.  That view makes us very complacent.  I lived in the west and in the mountains and looking at the evidence it becomes clear that the carving of the earth happened in mega-events, not one grain of sand at a time.  In that 1000 year flood enough rocks and bolders were pushed by the torrents that they carved major channels overnight.  I have seen mountains soaked and turned into jello and fall in hours.


Our society is in for some big changes, even that we don't believe can happen.  Power structures that took centeries to build can come down in weeks.  They won't rebuild in weeks though, so it won't be pretty.  For this I say that wisdom teaching is in for some enormous changes.  I will be here to participate.  Thank you John Sherman.

Dialogue or Satsang, both impactful with Canela Michelle Meyers
So much put on the table, without concepts
Spiritual Clunkers are concepts that drop
If we want to discover what is here right now we can start out with a blank screen. If we are resorting to (I say the pablum of) spiritual concepts, then we are only verifying beliefs, not discovering.
First Webcast Satsang, Chicago on December 2nd
Lots of mature sharing
Join us again starting Noon Chicago time tomorrow Sunday. Go to web page, and nnhcallin is our skype address when we open to talk.

TOUR is where the action is

(Note)  I want to slow down the front page.  New people can't get their bearings when it changes so fast.  So "TOUR" will be the page that will have everything new.  This "Welcome" will have fewer selected videos and some announcements.   (Some videos are put side by side even if they are not actually related, just to conserve space.)

A Natural Life and our efforts to complicate it
Saturday Morning Web Cast
Honest People
We begin to look at our life in earnest. The perplexities course through our bodies as feelings and moods, and every facet seems separate, disconnected and apart from the other.
Saturday Evening Web Cast
Collective Numbness
What is this "meeting in truth" for but to throw off a numbness to life that we have constructed out of inherited fear. Doesn't that sum up the collective drama of the human species?
Rounding out the Full weekend with Canela
Our 4th meeting Sunday Morning
I presented my insight into the root of numbness
I keynoted Sunday with a description of human violence which created quite a stir, even with Canela. Normally we think we are in a "special satsang space" that should remain sanctified. How can that separateness be real, and how could any separateness be justified with non-duality? Yet we do it all the time. I have a lot of irritation around this subject.
Our 5th meeting Sunday Afternoon
I found myself on the speaking couch with my wife
I said some things that, believe it or not, I have never been able to get out or get received before. Later I found a great weight had lifted from my shoulders and around my neck. I think that Iole and I will be totally different with each other, but now I will be in AU for 90 days and will not so directly see that evidence.

Part of the Action

We remain committed to be on the forefront of what will support life, both in your family and on planet earth. 


My interaction with you is an Experiment to further enable this vision to be true, and up to the rhythm that you are a part of the action.  


Please contribute to make this vision real.  

With Heart Felt Thanks, Richard Miller.



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