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Deepening After Greater Dialogue
Matt Kahn Builds on His Sharing
This goes right to the point
Normally an open heartedness is considered a result. Let's go right for it.
Scott Kiloby talks totallity of Wholeness
Why shouldn't clarity translate to the street?
Current events can't be dismissed.
These Amazing Times (Vol 6-7)
Stuart Schwartz and Patrycja Pruchnik
An Unbelievable Freshness
Happiness for no reason is alive here.
Matt Kahn Speaking with Rupert Spira
Something left out of a No-Me
Matt cautions that even the no-me deserves tremendous love.
In no separation every yield makes way for a push
Stephen Silha, Omission isn't Holy
Top Down Journalism has Failed
Truth is never spoon fed, but only discovered. Dialogue journalism as in a round table discussion, without moderation or manicuring.
Brad Scott, What is Love of Truth?
Seekers have some Idea What's Coming
But the surprise is that we really don't know.

Let's Discuss These Amazing Times

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller
Ronda LaRue and Nishant Matthews Bentinho Massaro and Nick Gancitano

Can A Wisdom Teaching be both enlightening and also relevant to our mind-made society?  Can we be compassionately engaged with mankind and still know the peace of our true unalterable selves?  How possibly could it not be so?

Scott Kiloby and Sundance Burke Christine Wushke and Mikael Hedman
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Being "Totally Received" by Vishrant

There is a very obvious feeling in being received by another.  Yes, there are boundries there, but in this receiving they do not get broken nor challenged.  Even if they get crossed (whatever  boundries I am talking about) they don't ring an alarm.


Perhaps I thought that I could guide this conversation in another way.  You can see how it starts slower than usual.  Guide it by not guiding it.  Just some sillyness coming into play.  (Lighting is weird because Vishrant was darkly lit so I made myself too light.)

Canela Michelle in Chicago, 1st weekend December

Canela Michelle MeyersCanela Michelle Meyers

Warming up to a full season of web casts from Australia we start just before we leave for Down Under. with . . .

A Weekend with Canela (USA central time zone, google 'world clock' find Chicago times)  Call In with Skype to address nnhcallin.  Turn off broadcast audio and listen only through Skype when you are on a call.

All sessions broadcast live and FREE with call-ins HERE

  • Friday December 2nd 7:00 - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday December 3rd Noon to 5:00 pm
  • Sunday December 4th Noon to 5:00 pm
  • Monday December 5th Private sessions available

You're invited to attend in person at: 1310 Marengo Ave, Forest Park, IL 60130

(Fri. Evening: $15, Sat. & Sun. $60 each
Whole weekend attendance discounted rate: $115

Below are 6 short snippets of Canela, 


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    Bhashkar Perinchery in Chicago Oct 2011

    Reminding us that time and the seasons, along with many other perceptions are only of the planet earth.  In the eternity of deep space what time is there or what movement exists without the reference of our revolving planet?  How is it that what we know so surely, is only grounded on this earth?

    David Rivers, Yoga of Service, act on it

    Let your experience of awareness inform your daily living.  That is what I have been wanting to say.  Too many seem to say let your experience of awareness substitute for your daily living.  Vast testimony shares that would be a very dry and dead life.


    On the question of what practice to follow, David says "Jump to enlightened living."  Why not take the direct route?


    Rob Burns, Primary Economic Driver is Systemic Debt


    You've seen some posts on Occupy Chicago, and many "conventional wisdom" issues are voiced and defended there.  But do we really know that much about how our economy really works?  And how it doesn't work?  Generally we rest after faulting certain groups of people, like Corporate Greed.  Is that all there is to is?  The forces of good and evil?   Surely, we watch too many movies and read too many bibles.  I met with Rob on the streets of Occupy.

    I want to know what is really going on (and please don't tell me that nothing is happening, it is all in my mind).  If that's your response then let the next nuclear plant go into your back yard so that you can wake up and join the party.

    Well, we said some amazing stuff.  I was so full of questions and Rob had immediate intelligent answers.  I can only apologize for talking almost 3 hours.  Please dig into this one and see how you like it.


    Never Not Here Down Under Quickly Becoming a Reality

    Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

    Check out 4 Reciprocal Gifts for Monitary Donations supporting this dream, Florian DVD's and Three types of structured water units


    One thing that has happened to me because of NNH is that I have become quite good at capturing video on the move.  I have fit my "portable TV studio" into 2 suitcases, and I can live-web-cast as easy as record.  That keeps my ears open for travel opportunities.

    We have called it "NeverNotHere~Consciousness 'Downunder' " to be conducted as one National Australian Mind-Set. We are proposing such an adventure in Australia in early 2012, and you are invited to participate in any of a number of ways.

    1st:~ We plan to video multiple encounters with those people who present new thoughts in philosophy, in spirituality, healing, non-duality, yoga, developed intuition, para-normal communication, and other spiritual sciences.  What is it that makes a radical and clear difference in the lives of those people who involve themselves with it?

    2nd:~ We want to know about and publicize people, teachings and practices that may be not well known outside of their own circle of friends.  Who do you know who does this, how can you help us organize, what should be our path of least resistance to encounter these people within a smooth flow?

    3rd:~ Where should we go, who can we stay with, who wants to travel with us, who is willing to make these organizations along with our own contacts?

    4th:~ How should we distribute the outcome?  Yes, something big can come out of this compendium, but we prefer to journey together and not all focus on an arrival point at some distant "mega-movie".   So our intention is to publicize everything, webcast live as much as we can, archive episodes very quickly, and also prepare media for you to share through public TV, and private gatherings or any other way that you can invent.

    5th:~ Donate resources, money, time, or a case of apples from the tree out the back of the shed.

    First post your ideas here below, contact us at producer@nevernothere.com, and . . . . 

    We thank you for being visible to this dream and exploration for the expansion of Awareness across this common Earth that we share.


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    Part of the Action

    We remain committed to be on the forefront of what will support life, both in your family and on planet earth. 


    My interaction with you is an Experiment to further enable this vision to be true, and up to the rhythm that you are a part of the action.  


    Please contribute to make this vision real.  

    With Heart Felt Thanks, Richard Miller.



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