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Andreas Müller, This Simple Knowing

While the apparent 'I' is constantly looking for the next experience, the timeless wonder, this wonderful perfection, already is.


So if some chain of cause and effect appear, they must be arrising together.  Not even together, but as different views of the same movement, the same arising.


David Ord on the Presence Process

Perhaps a belief in "Original Sin" and self worth issues have caused us to endlessly apologize for self.  If that finally goes we are rid of the Pain Body.  Then we just relax and enjoy life.  We can move from a deficit based life into an asset based life.

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Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Meet Some "Just People" of Occupy Chicago

Both business, government and even our monitory systems are in the habit of accounting for income and expenses at different times than they are actually received or expended.  In the context of trust and public responsibility this practice could be useful and give flexibility in times of stress.  But apparently leveraging and postponing can get way out of hand, and trust and responsibility can get so eroded that the whole economic/governmental structure becomes extremely unstable.   Now it seems that this mistrust and malfeasance could conceivably plunge the whole world into a liquidity crisis and mega depression.

If we stay away from blaming and extreme positioning, and take a calm look at the trends, I believe that almost everyone has to admit that much of our believed in economic theory does not work for its intended purpose.  Isn't the sharing of that realization the only way we are going to gather the 99%?  Let's face it, even if we get 22% or 11% we will have a huge voice, and all these injustices that I think are surely evidence of broken institutions and flawed theories will be forced onto the platform in 2012.

How can we invent new ad hoc theories that even our best universities haven't been able to come up with?  We need a national open dialogue.  And sure, certain issues can be tackled too, but that can't be the first priority.  No matter what is done on individual issues, it won't be a quick fix.  Then there will be a backlash, and all of our progress will be undone.  That must be inevitable if all we are about is "against something".

I believe that every radical issue that we adopt now, no matter what the level of obvious injustice, will only serve to disperse the 99% and deflate this beautiful initiative before meaningful dialogues are the norm.  People have to have issues and slogans to motivate participation.  Let's talk of participation because of the momentus opportunity this can be to restructure our society. 

Who in the world can restructure and de-stratify society better than us, the people of Chicago and the vibrant and educated population of America?  We right here can create the brotherhood that the whole world has only dreamed of.  We have been educated for our whole lives in these principles, even if they weren't equitably applied as we grew up, we know what we want.

If we believe that anger and outrage are the most potent tools we will wear ourselves out and alienate many millions that are home praying that we make some right moves and prove our love, concern and tolerance for all of our brothers and sisters.  If we handle these early stages right and proceed with some equanimity our numbers will swell to get some very important jobs done.  You who are out on the front line must be acknowleged for how important your contribution is.  Let's handle ourselves such that we can impress our families and even convince our parents that this movement is honorable and that we will create the first truly just society that includes every citizen.

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Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta, Chakaruna

 Chakaruna is a word that means Bridge.  Much of the feeling of "Chakaruna" relates to the metaphor of the Eagle and the Condor.  The Condor (the great South) floats on the planetary flow or updrafts.  The Eagle (or vibrant North) calculates its prey and acts of volition.  Jhaimy understands these two worlds and the need for a  coming together.


So much wisdom came to me from this simple talk.

The Angel Channel

 Wisdom comes to us from many angles.  Sometimes it is a message from a friend or teacher.  Sometimes it may come as a direct insight or "with grace".  We may be inclined to give our insights an address, that Jesus or a saint or an angel spoke with us.

What is probably more important is the sense of freedom we get from the message, and not the perceived source.  Listen to these messages and see if they are not the same wisdom that comes through all important channels.

Ghana's Farmers Undercut by Love



What does it really mean that our lives are "arising" out of source in each moment and that the manifest world is actually timeless and perfect? Some say that no interest arises in this being (slang for me) for investigating people and their experience of personal or community problems. Aren't we missing something here?

If you have 3 minutes now, you could know that your government's policy and your desire to offer charity are not working totally for the good of those on the receiving end. Without your participation the same old "arising" goes on. With your participation, well I'll be darned, arising takes a turn too.

Lisa Cairns, Fresh First Look

 Perhaps it is only a few months that people are asking Lisa about her take on life.  The words that come out of her are incredibly "up to date".  I guess I tested her point of view many times and she always came back to dead center.  She is also very open for a contact, through her Facebook pages.

Gilbert Schultz, in Sync with Simplicity

 Really great to get to know Gilbert.  Yes we think that we know him after 100 episodes of Urban Guru Cafe'.  I find that he is "just people", he is just us, and very comfortable to be with.  You'll see a great love expressed when being with him. 

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100's of New Videos and New Faces at your Fingertips

 Great Collaborative news, Never Not Here and Here Now TV have mutually embedded each other's web site.  Please go to the third tab above to see hundreds of new videos and links.  Enjoy!  And many thanks to Devasetu the Jetzt TV creator.

Pamela Wilson, Mind is actually Formless

So comfortable, so fun, talking with Pamela is so insiteful so full of laughs.  We made up so many scenarios and poked them apart, or dug into their foundations.  We even dug into the foundations of our talking.  We discoverd that perhaps every interpretation or story that we ever make serves only to keep us stuck, and feel that we are stable, right, and in control.  Very powerful.

Part of the Action

We remain committed to be on the forefront of what will support life, both in your family and on planet earth. 


My interaction with you is an Experiment to further enable this vision to be true, and up to the rhythm that you are a part of the action.  


Please contribute to make this vision real.  

With Heart Felt Thanks, Richard Miller.



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