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Giri Samudra

Medical Doctor with heightened sensitivity. Great experience with intuiting the other.

We're so in love with what thought constructs


Analytical human mind peers at life through lenses decorated by thoughts and so called lenses not decorated with thoughts. Is there really any difference? Is the latter have the same decorations as the former, all-be-it of a subtler variety.

What would happen to our life if we didn't believe in any difference? Some part of it would be simpler, and our focus might become more complete and whole.

98 minutes of discovery on these topics. With Giri Samudra and Jerome Pindell.

Meet Giri Samudra


  I have often said that 3-way dialogues with "every day people" are more rewarding for me that so called teacher interviews.  Again this proves true as I believe we have reached a new softness in accepting and receiving each other.  I stood in my heart throughout this conversation, not because of anything that I was doing, but because of who the three of us are in kindness, openness and acceptance.