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Stephen Silha

Meaningful Journalism is beyond from the one to the many. It now has to center in dialogue.

Stephen Silha, Movie Maker and Journalist, "The Big Joy"


 Stephen was a journalist for the Christian Science Monitor for many years.  We didn't say anything about that in this discussion, but the Monitor is well known for some of the most balanced reporting ever.  What a foundation for avant guard experimentation on the future of journalism.

"Spiritualists" are so proud of disconnection from what is conditional.  Whatever they say about it and whatever they truly think about it, it is so obvious that any 4th grader can see it.  "I am the Vastness, I am the World" but by the way, I didn't notice that 14 million American families lost their homes to foreclosure (40 million people on the street so far) is so completely bogus that soon no one will listen to them any more.


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