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Aboriginal Tent Embassy

Always was, always will be, Aboriginal Land

Sacred Smoke Aboriginal Ten Embassy Ceremony, and Commitment of Younger Generation

Aboriginal Sacred Smoke/Fire


Kamilaroi man, 2012 Tent Embassy



News Releases that were Sensationalized by the Daily Press

Paul Coe speaks on Sovereignty Day's events


Please Listen from Salina Davey-Newby





I spoke with Sean Gordon and Pat Lock, Representatives of their respective Aboriginal Peoples


(I had a great fortune in meeting and being accepted by all of these people, in January 2012.)

 Indigenous elders invited all Aboriginal people, supporters and other members of the general public, to come together at the 'Aboriginal Tent Embassy' site in Canberra, on Thursday 26th January 2012, to celebrate "SOVEREIGNTY DAY" and be part of the Sacred Fire Ceremonial Gathering that will mark 40 years since the first protest on the site.  Now after 40 years of continuously burning the sacred fire 24/7 (almost 15,000 days) not one government official or politician, not even the aboriginal MP showed up to address these original people?  Explain that one please.  What do you have to do to be heard or acknowledged in white Australia?


Sean Gordon is from the Darkinjung People


Pat Lock of the Carwoola People






Extremely Interesting Topic on the Basis of Australian Law

 It seems that Aboriginals are maligned by the laws and conveniently marginalized.


Mark McMurtrie is Writing his PhD on these aspects of the founding Australian Law.


We see the high percentage of Aboriginals in detention, and we see them shifted about on their land to suit convenience of big business and government

Mark is finding that there is no legal basis for Aborigines to fall under jurisdiction of Australian Law. This could be the biggest story of the century.

(Sorry for the audio, others were talking in the background, but you can understand.)  



I spoke with Coco Warren and 'Chappy' Williams

Coco Warren Interview


Neville 'Chappy' Williams Interview





Presentations on what should be our next step, Darkinjung and Kuma

Sean Gordon Address


Coco Warren Address





Need A Mandate, People talk but Who do they Talk For?

Sean Gordon, Darkinjung Nation around Sydney


We Talk without Clarity in Who We Represent





Aborigines are forced into a structure of unity, for any chance at self determination

'NO' on any New Referendum


The Kimberlies, Native Law Alive and Well





Frustration after Many Years of Being Misrepresented

Raymond Flynn tells a story, too much the typical


Michael Anderson, one of the originals with Tent Embassy