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Ramana Spencer

The more fully we trust, the friendlier this sweet Life reveals itself to be.

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Heaven is on Earth, right here inside of us. When we enter, we help each other find it. When I believe my thoughts I think you are all outside of me. You are all inside of me and you are all my own Self.


"You begin to recognize Love infuses everything.Your own heart is the wind, it is the trees, it is the earth.It is even in the conflicts which arise, in the pain that comes up. It is the storm, it is the open sky, it is totality. It excludes nothing and embraces everything. And in this embrace there is but one taste and that is the taste of Love."

 -David Waldman

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Ramana Spencer, Cross World Connection on Easter 2012

Ramana SpencerRamana Spencer

 I am always completely at peace with Ramana.  We talked willingness, finding even the smallest amount.  Just focus there and all unfolds in perfect trust, (or even without trust).

These days I am telling myself that spiritual growth (an increase in insight) is totally natural, and the speed of it is just the mechanism for allowing the savoring of it.  That is a very restful statement.

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Ramana Spencer, Choose Love

 Continuing my conversations and my insistence of the relevancy of freedom, "Choose Love" is relevant.