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Reading Sally Anderson FreeFall

Reading Sally Anderson FreeFall

 We make discoveries by relaxing the meaning, reasons and justifications we give in our lives.  The urge to give meaning is actually how we make ourselves stuck in our in our apparent identity.  Strange how we are more prone to give meaning to what is threatening than to what is pleasing.  So our stuckness takes on a negative spin.


This relaxing of the temptation to give meaning allows new insights to come in.  What I am discovering also becomes more apparent to me as I am able to give distinctions or words to what I see.  And this condition also brings to my attention the works of others that have articulated what I am seeing, but in a better way than I can yet communicate.


I have been digesting Sally Anderson's book FREEFALL since late June and her words are exactly what I am ready to hear.  See if they make sense to you as I read a few pages from this most powerful of books.

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She is presenting herself as a business consultant and coach. What does taking the reins of you business in hand have to do with taking the reins of you life in hand. (Oh, did I say a scary thing?) The creative part of living, she is saying, is available to us all right now. So why are we not seeing this clearly? Well, I think it is because of reasons and justifications. The most subtle and hence the most insidious of these reasonings is our spiritual speak. Our spiritual beliefs stick us into unconsciousness, mysticism and confusion. And the confusion (of how life really works) sets us into being resigned to it all. Our belief in having acceptance of "what is", confuses us to believe that what appears is what is. We don't have to tolerate what appears when it is in our default personality.

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