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Richard is the host of Never Not Here

Reading Sally Anderson FreeFall

 We make discoveries by relaxing the meaning, reasons and justifications we give in our lives.  The urge to give meaning is actually how we make ourselves stuck in our in our apparent identity.  Strange how we are more prone to give meaning to what is threatening than to what is pleasing.  So our stuckness takes on a negative spin.


This relaxing of the temptation to give meaning allows new insights to come in.  What I am discovering also becomes more apparent to me as I am able to give distinctions or words to what I see.  And this condition also brings to my attention the works of others that have articulated what I am seeing, but in a better way than I can yet communicate.


I have been digesting Sally Anderson's book FREEFALL since late June and her words are exactly what I am ready to hear.  See if they make sense to you as I read a few pages from this most powerful of books.

Meet Giri Samudra and Susan Gordon

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

 I have often said that 3-way dialogues with "every day people" are more rewarding for me that so called teacher interviews.  Again this proves true as I believe we have reached a new softness in accepting and receiving each other.  I stood in my heart throughout this conversation, not because of anything that I was doing, but because of who the three of us are in kindness, openness and acceptance.

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Conversation for Possibilities

On Sunday September 2nd at 7:00 pm Eastern Daylight time David Parrish and I will launch a hangout to present a conversation for possibilities that we feel can change the structure of our lives and allow us to be actively involved in whatever each one feels is good about living.  This is a presentation and not a free flow discussion.  Time will be allotted for feedback and questions.


The principles come from a course on leadership, which material is freely given to all.  This material has an objective that is different from our typical workshops that we might have known.  It considers the parameters of leadership which we think are the identical principles to what can be effective in leading our own life.  


Our intention is to present certain key ideas from this material which we believe will also undoubtedly already show up in your life.  With these premises you will directly see what is effective and what is binding and be empowered to make some adjustments that will produce more freedom and satisfaction.  This insight will give you courage to engage with your interests and develop a passion.   It will be the prime energy behind a new direction that will remove all doubt and hesitation and give you less anxiety and more peace.





 Email if you want to be in the conversation and have already joined google plus and downloaded the google audio/video module.  Otherwise watch the broadcast live on

Objectives and Video Demonstration

Free Discussion on how to proceed with these objectives


Could I Answer Spiritual Speak Listening Filters?




Living beyond my means, becoming a strange hobby

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Hello everyone.  Some of you know that I have shared this video journal for over 5 years.  While it may have been insightful for some or taken as an excuse for grabbing attention by others, I haven't really been interested nor able to stop.  Well, I like to talk with people and this video stuff is easy for me. Easy up to the point that I have used it.

We have covered a lot of ground and yet we haven't had to form any special allegiances.  We don't have to follow any pre-set teaching nor support any line of reasoning nor claim to the transcendence of reasoning.  We are free to move with whatever urge we sense.

Increasingly I want to move where I see traction with all phases of life. A teaching must offer more than relief from personal suffering. What about embodying an actve creative force, what about making a visible contribution to some sector of society? How about feeling the direct connection with the unfolding of my life?



I believe that I am on the trail to model some radical shifts in my own life. If you like what is happening in this alternative view please come along. I also invite you to help out. If I am able to pull off a visa for living in Australia, there will be a period of no work permission, like now. This puts me increasingly behind in my living expenses, which are pretty modest anyway. I have never yet asked that much for donations. So without asking, they have never been a determining factor. Now I can feel right about asking for help. Please see on the button above how donations come through PayPal. You don't even need an account because you can interact with PayPal through a credit card.

And Thanks

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Are Dysfunction and Effectiveness correlated with Languaging Ability?

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

 On Sunday September 2nd at 7:00 pm Eastern Daylight Savings time we will broadcast a Google Plus hangout on our Youtube Channel.  Up to nine people can actually be in the conversation on the hangout and there are a few places still available.  Please contact me if you are interested to be a part of this recorded dialogue.  (Download 700 and some page Power Point pdf and read through some of this rich material here: )


Most of our NNH work and most of you that are listening are in a synthesis with a few premises that we term "pointers to truth".  What we point to is generally our life before thought constructs, meaning life before our words.  This space first becomes apparent in the gaps between our thoughts.  Without a thought all life processes are moving perfectly, and actually without the stress of our doubts and obligations these life processes usually function way better.  Why we call this pointing is that in this space before any words you can't talk, or can't even think??


Let's say that this is all well and good and to touch this clear space is actually fundamental to a life well lived.



Now then, even after that clear knowing we all still live in a society, which is basically a linguistic creation of agreements, (kept or broken).  Talking from the primary context above we tend to say that this agreement machine is just going by itself?  That "source is living life on the planet".  We say that nothing is actually being done (in this singular real moment) and that there is not even anyone here to do anything.  Doing is just a recording in the memory or one more imagination.  Of course these sayings are also great jumps of the imagination and to me of dubious value, but I hear them spoken often. 


What we are now finding out about living in society and structuring (or defending from) mental verbal constructs is that there are two fundamentally different ways to use words.


1.  The first we are all familiar with from childrearing and education.  This is when words are used to create an image of how we "should be" and how we "should behave" in the world.  Then words create an external ideal image that we can conform to.  We either do it well, or just get by with it, or are miserable failures.  Most are not all that good at being ideal for someone else. 


We may live all of our life knowing only this kind of use for words.  It's the realm of "I already know", "I am right you are wrong",  "I agree I disagree",  "it's not my fault I am not to blame", "what's in this for me what is the bottom line".


a) In this borrowed context we never discover anything about our authenticity, or who we are without these benchmarks hanging over our heads.  

b) Our Integrity or our own creative power is relegated to be used as a flakey dance of deflection and excuses. 

c) There is such a limited possibility to find much interest in life, much less a passion.  Much of our energy is used in defense, so no engagement can be found to fulfill us and keep our light shining.


2.  A second possibility for the use of words may occur to us when we actually choose and use our words as if they were extremely important.  To get to that realization we probably have seen that being authentic is the foundation of moving with effectiveness.  It's a place where who we are is so honored that there is limited friction in fighting with someone else's expectation.  Then our words are not a meaningless convenience to deflect, but they take on a possibility to create our life.  We can even create open heartedness, a full flow with life, embodiment in the open space of good feeling, and any other theme that we deeply care about.

 3.  Let our first premise be true, that we are living deeply in imagination (thoughts).  Our first investigation can be:  is there ever a time when we are not living in thoughts?  For those that say yes, let them remain in their experience of an unperturbed state.  If they have their own theory of wholeness or oneness, let them contribute in that way which feels right for them.  


For those that say "no, that even when my mind is not active my conditioning goes unbroken", let us take a second step in our investigation.  How can we use words in a collective way that creates a realm of possibility or a new context for being and acting?  There are many easy examples of purely verbal creations that are undeniable.


In feudal times the contexts of being and acting were either King, Nobility, Subjects or Slaves.  No slave or subject ever had any other possibilities, nor any input into how the community was administered.  Then in a different age and different part of the world one human being created the context "citizen" as a thought form.  This one word context has now shaped the world and all of its human institutions for centuries, even though it is merely aother thought.


What is the next word, or realm of possibilities that will model your and my life?  What new realms of possibility could offer change to our society so that societal benefits include more of our neighbors and more of the world population?  


That is what we want to find out.  Come join us.

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What's wrong with teaching, and what pointing could be more ideal?

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

1.  We're all probably familiar with a spaciousness inherent in the human experience.  Life continues, whether we are in the midst of our worries and concerns or not.  So something is clearly more fundamental than our thoughts/feelings/worries.  Many of us have learned to rest in this essence to a greater or lessor degree.  And we can admit that this knack of resting comes and goes.


2.  We're all familiar with the notion that the universe is a marvelous, seemingly complex dance that goes on perfectly regenerating itself for eternity.  And we have no doubt, felt the awe and peace that the cosmic inspires us to feel.


3.  If my worries are not fundamental and I am usually worried about my doing, then my actions can't be fundamental either.  Actually, what can I do of significance, in this grand cosmic dance?

These three markers are a realization, but I don't think that they show up until we verbalize them, or at least verify the 3 titles above.  We are usually helped toward this verbalization and verification by our favorite spiritual teacher. They have given us this grounding explanation, and helped us experience the energy of a peace/clarity/bliss. 


Actually all teachings that I know of present an ideal to be realized that is different from now.  They have to, because that is the context of teaching, that tomorrow we'll get somewhere.  Even those teachings which produce great experiences right now or demonstrate great love, equally demonstrate the opposite when you are out the door and that experience dissolves.


What teaching could make a difference in all those who would participate and even spill over into their circle of relationships without fail?  Whatever that might be it would have to be something that would impact each person exactly where they perceive themselves to be.  It would have to have a practical application in their life and in their perceived situation in this very moment.


This is an example of the Google Plus Hangout format that I refer to.  The content is David Parrish and I talking about this leadership course material and how we lead our own lives.


Would it be prudent to wonder if this whole scenario isn't just another verbalization about no verbalization?  If it is indeed another conversation then it's roots are in the words that created it, and we have easy access to what is running our lives.  Because no amount of the spiritual sidestepping of words will uncover even the simplest of conditioned verbal programing.  Then are we running as these spiritual robots? 


The only thing that I can imagine which is flexible enough to be appropriate for every individual, is the examination of self talk, both conscious and unconscious.  Conscious self talk is that little voice in our head and the limiting context for life that it creates.  Some of us think that occasionally we overcome that.  Unconscious self talk is that collective vibration that we are even born into, or that we have forgotten where it came from.  It is unseen in creating our personality and running our every move.


Any thinning out of our limiting self talk can be immediately felt as an energetic shift of relief.  The resultant energetic calming effect just has to engender a deeper seeing of this moment.  This is a brand new territory of greater appropriateness in our speech and actions and more effectiveness in whatever we choose to do.  It even increases the effectiveness of our being able to make those certain choices.  Remember, in the conversation creating the three markers above, personal choice was meaningless, or at best optional, (it's a conversation).


I have found access to groundbreaking material cataloguing and investigating the context created with self talk.  I would like to go through some of this on a Google Plus Hangout with 8 other people.  I even have an experienced presenter who would guide us through some of that material.  


My question is who of you would like to participate with one or two such experiments, and to feel for yourself the kind of opening that I am talking about?  Such an experience will likely happen painlessly, and from there we all can decide what kind of (perhaps more rigorous) approach would be warranted. 


I will be pleased to receive your email comments and considerations at


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RealShip, Receiving the Other Just As they Appear
Paul and Angelika from the ET Forum
I'm always beating the drum of expression
Language really doesn't solve so much, but it is believing in thoughts that seems to bind us. Let's uncover them through expression.
Tom and Grace from the ET Forum
I'm most fulfilled by risking to share
It is not always so comfortable to even make a simple statement after a schooling of right and wrong and being ridiculed. Let's do it differently.

Not One NNH Email Sent for over 6 months

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Patricia from Stockholm wrote to me using a "reply" on my old last email broadcast letter of Sep 6th 2011.

Boy I loved seeing my old "last letter".  That was from an email broadcast service (Ratepoint) that I had been using during the 2009 webcasts.  Thereafter an automatic emailer on Drupal (our website) sent out by-weekly updates on the new content to our members, which is a different list and now over 1000.  Then that broke last summer when it started sending out duplicates and even 10-15 emails to each person with every send out period.  I installed another module but never got it going, so we have had way over 100 new videos without any email updates calling members back in.  That is what I meant in that old letter, when I said I confused NNH with a business that I should be promoting it.

Should I?  Why?  Why don't you do it?  Well, here is the letter:


"Back in in 2009 I learned to live web cast, and when I saw that I could make it interactive, I dreamed of creating an international community.

I spent that year developing a regular schedule, and searched for the guests that I thought you would enjoy talking with.  Many people took advantage of our hook-ups, and I learned so much from the experience.

Because of my business background I may have confused the NNH vehicle with a business.  I had tried many tools, including this mailing service to promote and get the word out as to what we were doing.  I will freely admit that we never were a business of any kind, and I suppose that it all served only my dream of community building."


(Here is some more of the letter.)

During those times I was probably building a model of a "dialogue for creativity".   How could some shared discovery trigger a new mind-set that would immediately settle in a vast number of people?   And what would manifest out of that new obviousness?

I suppose that I still believe in this, or dream that it could be possible.  The regular webcasts are gone, even though technically it is not so difficult.  The regularity of it seems too much all consuming  for one person.  I prefer a few pauses in life.   So let this be our last email and a thanks, 

as I close this contact service.

I often ask myself, "what good is a teaching, if so few people are transformed by it?"   Or, why are we at it for decades if it is really effective?  Perhaps it is just another mind game that is more subtile, because it claims to be the game to end all games.

In 2010 and 11 I had been searching new venues, thinking that people with another background would elicit another speaking, and maybe it would come out more simple and more broad based.  I don't claim that I could create a new language, but it would unfold by itself in the doing of it. is still on-line and open for participation.  Sometimes I run a bunch of talks and events, and sometimes I slow down.  It doesn't need any particular rhythm.  

It would be nice if you would take over (your part of it) and express your dream through it.  Anything you want or need to make that come true for you is yours.  Let's just start with an email.

And thanks for being in my life.

Richard Miller

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The Mankind Project, found along the way

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

 15 min talk on Nelson Local TV


The Mankind Project, operating for 20 years


 Gary from Mainland TV interviewed me  

for the afternoon news show.

This segment got aired 5 times that day.



What amazement when your travel open.  

I found this man's story after a Kirtan in a Yoga Studio.




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The Alvei top masted Schooner in Fiji and Vanuatu

I met with Captain Evan Logan, Owner of the Alvei. You can spend months at sea for about $50 a day. Probably the best "spiritual retreat" possible. Write for availability, (no answers while at sea, be patient.)