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Richard is the host of Never Not Here

Cecil and Bruhn from Denmark

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller


Carsten Bruhn-Henriksen Cecil Rye Olsen, Space for "Other" to Penetrate

Seemingly Mystical "Spacious Action"

I Question does mind left to run free create excess?

Knowing Vastness allows no Expectation

Therefore everything is free to enter and exit. Energy reacts, but also rebounds, and is not affected. Movement continues as appropriate.

Inner Freedom (dot) DK

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These Amazing Times (Vol 6-7)
Stuart Schwartz and Patrycja Pruchnik
An Unbelievable Freshness
Happiness for no reason is alive here.
Matt Kahn Speaking with Rupert Spira
Something left out of a No-Me
Matt cautions that even the no-me deserves tremendous love.
In no separation every yield makes way for a push
Stephen Silha, Omission isn't Holy
Top Down Journalism has Failed
Truth is never spoon fed, but only discovered. Dialogue journalism as in a round table discussion, without moderation or manicuring.
Brad Scott, What is Love of Truth?
Seekers have some Idea What's Coming
But the surprise is that we really don't know.
Kiloby, Canela Michelle and Ramana with dialogue that touches my passion
Scott talks totality of wholeness
I really put myself out there
I am a passionate individual and life now, on the street excites me.
Canela Michelle and Ramana Spencer
Now see what I care about
Actually it is also evident who cares about me. Isn't that the only thing worth being?

Follow every stop on our "Down Under" Tour

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

For Downunder Summer the old Blog Page Becomes our path through Australia.  Home page will get some of the most outstanding videos, but this page may move much faster.  (Guest Blogs may still show up here too.)  Come travel with us.

(I put many videos side by side so they don't move down too fast, not necessarily for any perceived relationship.  They still disappear very quickly so at least go to page 2 or 3 at the bottom, thanks.)



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Let's Discuss These Amazing Times

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller
Ronda LaRue and Nishant Matthews Bentinho Massaro and Nick Gancitano

Can A Wisdom Teaching be both enlightening and also relevant to our mind-made society?  Can we be compassionately engaged with mankind and still know the peace of our true unalterable selves?  How possibly could it not be so?

Scott Kiloby and Sundance Burke Christine Wushke and Mikael Hedman
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Never Not Here Down Under Quickly Becoming a Reality

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Check out 4 Reciprocal Gifts for Monitary Donations supporting this dream, Florian DVD's and Three types of structured water units


One thing that has happened to me because of NNH is that I have become quite good at capturing video on the move.  I have fit my "portable TV studio" into 2 suitcases, and I can live-web-cast as easy as record.  That keeps my ears open for travel opportunities.

We have called it "NeverNotHere~Consciousness 'Downunder' " to be conducted as one National Australian Mind-Set. We are proposing such an adventure in Australia in early 2012, and you are invited to participate in any of a number of ways.

1st:~ We plan to video multiple encounters with those people who present new thoughts in philosophy, in spirituality, healing, non-duality, yoga, developed intuition, para-normal communication, and other spiritual sciences.  What is it that makes a radical and clear difference in the lives of those people who involve themselves with it?

2nd:~ We want to know about and publicize people, teachings and practices that may be not well known outside of their own circle of friends.  Who do you know who does this, how can you help us organize, what should be our path of least resistance to encounter these people within a smooth flow?

3rd:~ Where should we go, who can we stay with, who wants to travel with us, who is willing to make these organizations along with our own contacts?

4th:~ How should we distribute the outcome?  Yes, something big can come out of this compendium, but we prefer to journey together and not all focus on an arrival point at some distant "mega-movie".   So our intention is to publicize everything, webcast live as much as we can, archive episodes very quickly, and also prepare media for you to share through public TV, and private gatherings or any other way that you can invent.

5th:~ Donate resources, money, time, or a case of apples from the tree out the back of the shed.

First post your ideas here below, contact us at, and . . . . 

We thank you for being visible to this dream and exploration for the expansion of Awareness across this common Earth that we share.


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Please help coach Occupy Chicago by posting on (my 1st post)

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Meet Some "Just People" of Occupy Chicago

Both business, government and even our monitory systems are in the habit of accounting for income and expenses at different times than they are actually received or expended.  In the context of trust and public responsibility this practice could be useful and give flexibility in times of stress.  But apparently leveraging and postponing can get way out of hand, and trust and responsibility can get so eroded that the whole economic/governmental structure becomes extremely unstable.   Now it seems that this mistrust and malfeasance could conceivably plunge the whole world into a liquidity crisis and mega depression.

If we stay away from blaming and extreme positioning, and take a calm look at the trends, I believe that almost everyone has to admit that much of our believed in economic theory does not work for its intended purpose.  Isn't the sharing of that realization the only way we are going to gather the 99%?  Let's face it, even if we get 22% or 11% we will have a huge voice, and all these injustices that I think are surely evidence of broken institutions and flawed theories will be forced onto the platform in 2012.

How can we invent new ad hoc theories that even our best universities haven't been able to come up with?  We need a national open dialogue.  And sure, certain issues can be tackled too, but that can't be the first priority.  No matter what is done on individual issues, it won't be a quick fix.  Then there will be a backlash, and all of our progress will be undone.  That must be inevitable if all we are about is "against something".

I believe that every radical issue that we adopt now, no matter what the level of obvious injustice, will only serve to disperse the 99% and deflate this beautiful initiative before meaningful dialogues are the norm.  People have to have issues and slogans to motivate participation.  Let's talk of participation because of the momentus opportunity this can be to restructure our society. 

Who in the world can restructure and de-stratify society better than us, the people of Chicago and the vibrant and educated population of America?  We right here can create the brotherhood that the whole world has only dreamed of.  We have been educated for our whole lives in these principles, even if they weren't equitably applied as we grew up, we know what we want.

If we believe that anger and outrage are the most potent tools we will wear ourselves out and alienate many millions that are home praying that we make some right moves and prove our love, concern and tolerance for all of our brothers and sisters.  If we handle these early stages right and proceed with some equanimity our numbers will swell to get some very important jobs done.  You who are out on the front line must be acknowleged for how important your contribution is.  Let's handle ourselves such that we can impress our families and even convince our parents that this movement is honorable and that we will create the first truly just society that includes every citizen.

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Anyone can Approach their Local Cable TV Station

 Please review some of these talks that you may have seen before in a longer version.  Maximum run time on TV is usually one hour, and these 4 videos have been shortened to 59:30 min.  We are currently shown weekly in four cable networks.  We have at least a couple dozen already prepared.


We are asking if any of you want to request the showing of Never Not Here shows in your city, we can offer to supply you with the episodes.  Please write to me with "contact us".


Many of our Talks are shown on Cable TV
Rupert Spira
Daniel Hirtz