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Richard is the host of Never Not Here

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Friendship Series, 1st episode with Marc Grecco

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

The "truth is within you". We hear it 1000's of times from many angles, yet we are still looking outside for who's going to mentor us, who's going to guide us to find that "right path" to the within. Is it true? Is that really necessary?

Our experiment is just to talk, with no expectations and no special expertise. Trusting that what comes up is right, and finding it truly amazing.  We are experiencing a deep deep friendship that is usually thought to take years to develop. Could this point to something getting revealed about our true nature? Testimony is that after all inquiry, what remains is love. Let's find out for ourselves.

You are all invited to appear on this series.  Just email your willingness to talk, and we will schedule a time. (It takes a medium good video Skype connection, which is not that difficult.  We can coach you on that.)  



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Great exchanges unfolding in forum

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Great things are being said on the site, like Arjen wrote,  "A forum like this can be used to ´wear out´ the mind. And along the way some useful insights can be shared - and for supporting each other - but for that this forum really has to grow in terms of active users."

Find user stats, at the bottom of the forum page.  From Google metrics, I see we are getting about 10 times more individual visitors, than sign-ups.  Participation rates that make a site "successful" (growth) depend on its gobal population. Only 1 in a 1000 on Youtube upload videos.  While 1 in 100,000 on Wikepedia add content.

I bet we'll need more like 5% participation (on total visitors, not 5% of accounts), to take this site to where it could make a difference.  I'll let you know as I see this figure with more clarity.  Participation means make a comment; com'on, register and give it a shot?

Take the Non-Duality "truth serum" at this link:

 We just got notice that NNH is on Channel 21 in the city of Chicago 8 times in February.  See Schedule page at:


Kirtana and Wild Dove Music

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Three years ago, from the beginning of Never Not Here, we had used songs by Kirtana as our 'theme songs' for opening and closing the shows.  Here is a broadcasted talk that we did in May 2008.

 This is her website, where you can hear samples of her music and find links where you can hear more.

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Something much bigger than me, that's NNH

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

I want to explain myself, because some of you might be wondering why I am not scheduling "teacher" interviews at the same rhythm as last year, and "what's up " for this year. Well, really I have no grand vision that I am about to spring on you. It is just that I don't want to take you on the "great circular route", nor get too repetitious.

I do believe that we can still hear from new faces, (even 100's of them). But let's do it in a constantly new and creative way. Let's affect the lives of more and more people, and especially those who have not been attracted to the way this message is now presented. Let's also discover where we have stopped looking for ourselves. If we believe non-duality is the only truth or the next great savior of mankind, if we twinge when people talk about process or cause and effect, well, I think that we are really stuck in our own "new and improved" concepts.

I have long known about other internet broadcasters on the cutting edge. Financing makes for sophisticated systems. But what if anything are we missing, and where would we take it if resources were no limit?

Please check out my little video, and I will put a few links below, if you want to get a fuller view of what can happen in this wide open medium.

13 minutes long

Here is part of the written history of Leo and (This Week in Tech, TWiT)

This is about his website, (Ours is also Drupal based, maybe we are doing a few things right?)

Here's his discussion about financing:

Here is the full video that I excerpted above, (sorry for the white flashes, I left them in, but the message is the same.) It's called the "Best. Video. About. Twit. Ever". You might have to track it down, because today it was on page one, and tonight on page 3.  This week Leo is broadcasting live from a technology trade show floor in Las Vegas. (Hey, we have mobile broadcasts too.)

All very interesting because you don't need to re-invent the wheel to talk to the world. Leo wants to become the CNN for technology. I don't attach very easily to superlatives. But we could certainly touch a lot of lives on this planet. We know the message that makes a difference and we have the methods to get it out there. We are on the cutting edge, and strategically much better poised than any one Guru, Master or charismatic leader, because we include them too.

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The remarkable effect of "YES"

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

(Please Go Right to the full blog on this one, 'Read More', not the shortened version.)

A little more than 13 months ago I had the honor to sit with Ramesh Balsekar in Mumbai, and ask him a few questions. One thing that he talked about he called the "biological reaction", meaning our body's reaction to what we see, hear, think and feel, coming from this moment into our senses. He said that "we are not the doer of this bodily reaction."

Apart from that, we can all acknowledge that we do get a different feeling from each thing that we see and hear. Watching one video we get very engrossed and want the follow-up discussion right away, while another video we switch off immediately. Something remembered within our mechanism comprises our likes and dislikes and our illusive sense of "knowing". Sometimes it comes out particularly strong as feelings followed quickly by action.

An effect that I find, seemingly coming from exposure to non-dual ideas, or let's say from exposure to "straight talk about life" is that I can now find a kernel of truth in almost everything that confronts me. Sometimes that truth is pretty strong, even when it is laced with statements that my judgement machine considers missing the mark.

Harvey says, when your life is barren, ask God to fill you. I would like to ask, do we have to wait that long? Like in so many non-duality teachings talking about unbearable suffering, as if that is the major highway in. Who will step up to prove that wrong? YES can be a grand experiment. He says "God will use you from where you are".

What about Harvey's enthusiasm? At least it is a barrel of fun. Could any advaitist speaker be so dynamic? Would it work, would it be well received? Would the people listening realize "who am I". Maybe approaching truth through some imagined "suffering" is the long way around an essentially very simple affair.

(Com'on, say "Yes" once in a while, and see what happens.)

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Connection through song with Bernie Heideman

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

 I was cleaning out hard disk space this week and I found the Gayatri Mantra sung by Bernie Heideman.  I couldn't throw it away without doing something with it.  Four years ago I stayed with Bernie in Hotchkiss, CO.. We stayed up late every night and talked.  I was filming at a Neelam retreat, and I also participated in one of his Dances of Universal Peace.

It was always great fun with Neelam because she offered so many processes of interaction between people. What's it like when you look into your neighbor's eyes, 20 people in succession and sing "I am open to all that you are"?  TRY IT!

Do you get enlightened? I guess I am not qualified to comment.  Is that the point?

Videos from Bernie Heideman

 This is one in a night of singing at a Neelam group New Year 2006 Hari Om Tat Sat Dance & Music at the Lava Dance Camp 


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What's new for you to do?

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

I know that I sound like a broken record:

I used to say, "Com'on guys, Get a Web Cam."

Now I say, "post on forums, share music links in the forums, talk on the chat, write what's true for you."  I want to offer mini-blogs to everyone, 

In my life, more participation has been a miracle. (I was very reserved.)  I still honor 'timid" people.  Everyone has their own needs.  Let everyone work according to those needs. 

I've listened to Adya's, New Years thank you message to his volunteers, (I was one of them) and I sort of 'bent it to my own purpose'. Never Not Here is a tool for participation, self expression, and 'risking' relationship.  I say, that is what Adya is talking about, and here it is even in a broader context.  See what you think in these 3 minutes:




Youtube's latest
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Florian Schlosser
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Tomas Stubbs
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Use this topic at your own risk

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Some say that your experience is personal, to be closely guarded, that maybe someone else will talk you out of it, or make you feel strange for having had it.

Maybe we think that we are gaining something and that our experiences are the proof, our own personal feedback loop. Things do seem to change, so is there a step by step process? - OR?

Personally I think that you are here to loose what is false, (that old imagined reality). Where will jettisoning the false stop? I surely can't tell you. My sense is that there is not going to be much left.

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The Value of Travel

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Last year I went to India about this time, and some of the people that I met there are about to head back or planning to go shortly.

I am in a phase where I don't even want to make a plan more than 60 days in advance. I prefer to leave a hole, where the opportunity of the moment can "fall in". Florian asked me to travel with him for all or part of his USA tour. Of course I'll be here in Chicago with him, and plan to accompany him in CA. Then instead of going back to Toronto, I thought to stay in CA for the rest of the month. This is a big hole.

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