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Structured Water Units



3 sizes stuctured water units

Three reciprocal gifts of appreciation

For those moved to support our activities to gather videos of consciousness dialogues, we offer to send you the unit that applies to your water needs.   (Shipping included in the USA.  Foreign country shipping must be quoted on.)


Here is How to Make it Happen

We have experiemented with Structured Water since April 2011 and found it to be a worthy change agent to our lives that we can also feel, not only believe in.  True, we can't always explain the exact mechanisms in everything (or anything) that affects our lives.


I am sure that there may be a lot of controvery about this science, and a lot of false claims among what might be beneficial.  I didn't believe anything, but bought one to try it.  We learned how to make these units and felt a difference.


Searching the web, you will find many ways to effect changes in water, and many cultures, notably the Far East, which are choosing to take advantage of health benefits of this water.


Much I explain about my research and experience in the short video to the right.  I wish everybody the benefits of better health, and if this could be a way to do it, I offer my services.


My research is in finding what others have devoted decades to, and it is not that I am a scientist or specialist on the subject.  But I say that you will feel the difference, and know that something is taking place.  For this reason I show you the links of others.



Here is a link and a bunch of movies on the water mixer that I talked about.


Over the last couple of years many people have chosen to donate energy to the NNH activity by using the above Donate Button, and every time it has happened, I have taken the opportunity to write and express my gratitude.  In one way I already give to everyone all the insight into what inspires me, which is this whole site and its contents.


But now I want to do more.

Why Three Sizes of Water Units?

It is just logical that the action of water ocsillations within the unit is based both on pressure and velocity.  Velocity is the flow rate.


If you are installing a unit on a small pipe, then when that small flow rate enters a much larger chamber, the velocity decreases significantly.


With 3 sizes of chambers, we control that velocity.


The small unit has a 1/2 inch NPT pipe thread and is made for under the kitchen sink or in the shower.


It is connected with those same hoses, that connect your faucet to the cold water shut-off valve under the sink.


The middle unit has a 3/4 inch NPT pipe thread, and it can be installed any 3/4 inch pipe or even a 3/4 inch main water feed by your water meter.


The 3/4 inch unit can also be delivered with garden hose fittings and will have an excellent flow for home irrigation and gardening.


The 1 inch unit has a 1 inch NPT pipe thread and is made for a main house feed of that size.  The 1 inch unit can also be fitted onto a 3/4 inch line, especially where several faucets or water consumption appliances are being used at the same time.


If you don't think that you have NTP tapered National Pipe Threads in your country, I cannot make a unit for you.  You can check more about it on Wikipedia.



The 1/2 inch unit is easy to install for someone who is a little handy around the house.  Just connect the hoses, which you may have to buy correct for your application, and mount the unit on the under sink wall.


The larger units need to be installed by a plumber onto one of your waterlines, usually a copper pipe.  He will supply the correct fittings for your situation, usually "bi-metallic couplings" wich will screw onto the unit's pipe thread, and the other side to be soldered onto your water line.


There are no moving parts or nothing to wear out, so that the unit is vertually indestructable.  Either end is an "in or out" and horizontal or vertical, any position will work fine.  To Make it easy for me I will ask to make the following contribution to my PayPal Link.  Be sure to write what you want and your full mailing address (including unit number). Since I made these units the on-line prices have doubled and tripled.  These costs keep it in the range of an "experiment".


$200 for the small unit w/ USA priority mail.

$250 for the middle unit with same shipping.

$300 for the large unit, domestic shipping.


Foreign shipping I will price out when you email me your address and what you desire to receive.  Please email me for answers to specific questions.  And I thank you.



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