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Loch served on the New York Insight Teachers Council and was invited to teach meditation by Mingyur Rinpoche. In 2004 Adyashanti asked Loch to join him in teaching the direct path of realization.

Meet Loch Kelly

Rest, or silence, is not just the absence of activity, movement or sound. It’s really an opportunity in a place like this, in the middle of a city, to really see what real silence is. When you go off to the country you can hang out in relative silence and your body and mind get some good quality rest. Then you come back and start again. But this silence that’s here, that’s always here, isn’t about un-including anything. Everything is included and nothing is pushed away. Nothing is opposed and we begin to sense or hear or see directly without looking through the mind, without looking to belief, from belief.

We come back to our senses and include thought as just one of the senses and include thinking as a movement, as a natural part of this form, of this body-mind. We don’t look through the eyes of our mind. We just sense what these thoughts are appearing in, just for one second. Just notice that little movement of awareness to allow however your mind is now, whether it’s agitated or sleepy or trying to understand or find.

Then just notice what these thoughts are appearing in. Just move your awareness to the space in which sound is coming and going, in which sensations are moving. Not trying to change your body or any part of the world, but just letting it be as it is. Allowing awareness to stop or drop or open, look to the openness that’s looking through the eyes. What do you notice?

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Course of Awakening Spring 2011

Loch KellyLoch Kelly

The Course of Awakening - Spring 2011 Semester

awakeningWith Loch Kelly

In this course, we will explore the direct experience of Awake Awareness, which is at the heart of the world’s mystical and non-dual teachings. Being Awake is our natural condition, not something that is created or earned. Most of us have not been aware of this overlooked dimension of consciousness because we have not known how to re-connect with it. We can rediscover the freedom that is already here as we learn how to look, where to look, what to look for and who is looking. Loch presents an easy to understand framework for the paradoxical journey of waking up from our mistaken identity, waking in to an embodied life and waking out to relationship and activity. Each class will include a talk, dialogue, meditation and inquiry aimed at helping us re-connect with Awake Awareness at any time. Each class builds upon the previous one, so that we can explore the process of awakening as it unfolds.

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Course of Awakening with Loch

Loch KellyLoch Kelly

The Course of Awakening with Loch
Home Study

Fall 2010 Semester

Class 1: Introduction to Awake Awareness
(Recording and Transcript available for download upon registration for course)

Class 2: Who am I? Moving From Spiritual Experience to Awakening
(Recording and Transcript available for download upon registration for course)

Class 3: Sunday, December 12th, 2010
(Recording available for download December 13th)

Class 4: Sunday, January 23rd, 2011
(Recording available for download January 24th)

Please visit for more information and to register.

Registration for Home Study for the Course of Awakening for the Fall 2010 Semester is still available online. This year there is a discounted price for the Home Study option. Home Study course participants will receive an audio recording and a transcript of each class.

Previous Home Study students have said that the experience of the course is different than listening to individual dharma talks or a series of satsang CD's or watching a DVD of a teacher. The course is presented in an experiential adult-education style to encourage you to get in touch with and learn to rely on your inner teacher. The classes are designed as a series, to build on each other. The Course will offer non-dual meditations, exercises and pointing-out instructions, designed for different learning types, to help each student move from an initial glimpse of awakening toward abiding and living as this in daily life.

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