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Nanda Currant

I am a fine artist having a background in both therapy and education

Meet Nanda Currant

My particular interest has been in celebrating nature through performance art.   The combination of theater and working in nature inspires people to consider and protect the natural work more from their heart and more locally.

It is very hard to convince people that nature has an ecological imagination unless they have a more direct relationship with nature or come from a tradition where nature has a story that both speaks to us and guides our relationship to her. But bringing together the arts, sciences and service in performance gives the community the opportunity to combine its efforts and discover the voice of nature more clearly in their attempts to portray the story of a river or migrating birds or whatever the theme is, and the need might be directed towards, in helping the wilderness.

Nanda Currant documents Edith Sullwold
What we still embody, from Growing Up

 1. When Children encounter Obstacles (9:51 Min.)



2. Sensitive Cry to Perserve Wholeness (14:49 Min.)

We Might think that this is about Education
I say that it is far deeper than that. This is the recognition of what we all carry from a dead past. How do we let these old vibrations control us for so long?
Our Original Potential, Is it Re-Claimable?

3. Universal Sound and Total Being (8:02 Min.)



4. Diversity Instructs of the Human Possibility (9:18 Min.)

This is no less than Gobal & Environmental Peace
Heads of State and Corporate Leaders (as all of us) are stuck in these old recurrent and reactive patterns. They have absolutely nothing to do with NOW.

Edith Sullwold, Nanda's Mentor

Nanda lived and traveled closely with Edith for many years, until they became as close as a mother and daughter. (85 min)



Film by Nanda Currant about her teacher and mentor who died in 2002.