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The Pandora Project

A film about breaking free from the Ego and awaken to your Self

The Pandora Project

Niclas Thörn and Ewa Forkélius 


In the film "The Pandora Project" we journey deep into our minds to search for the part of the mind that is responsible for all the pain, misery and suffering in our lives and in the world - the ego.


We get close and personal with dedicated seekers, we investigate how we become the persons that we are, and receive words of wisdom from some of the most influential spiritual teachers: Eckhart Tolle, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Adyashanti, Kenneth Wapnick and the Dalai Lama. What can these brilliant minds tell us about the enemy within and how to break free from it once and for all?


What is the ego? How did it come about? How does it control our feelings and our actions? Is there really a way to break free from it? And if there is, why have so few of us been able to do so?


The answers to all these questions and many more will be revealed as you join us on the greatest journey you will ever take - the journey from a painful existance with the ego to the glorious life of the True Self.


Time: 1 hour 55 minutes


If you enjoyed the film please consider a donation to or one of the contributing foundations / Niclas and Ewa - Midiwave Productions


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The Pandora Project, World Premiere

Niclas Thörn and Ewa Forkélius have offered the world premiere of their full length movie for the enjoyment of the Never Not Here Community. Journey deep into the mind to search for that part of the mind that is responsible for all the distress. How do we become the persons that we think that we are?  Broken into 3 parts for technical reasons.


This movie can be taken as very intense.  Yet this intensity is how it jumps to great heights by the end.


The beginning dialogue is exactly what you should hear.  "Listen very carefully, not only to what is being said,  but also listen to your own reactions to what is being said, your reactions of approval or disapproval, your sense of restrictions.  Your resistance, your fears, and all the complexity of your reactions, the act of listening is very important."


Because of security limitations on higher quality streaming services, we are using Viddler, and breaking the movie into 3 parts so as to maintain some modicum of visual integrity.  I am reluctant to present broken in this way because the above mentioned intensity will tempt some people to abort the show after the 1st part.  Please don't let this be you.

The Pandora Project part 2 and 3
Part Two (use full screen button)
Part Three (use full screen button)