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Zahir Khan

What liberation could be is just an idea in the mind of the seeker.

Meet Zahir Khan

 Liberation the catch all term for a supposed state in which the  seeker feels everything will be perfect. Bliss on tap and an ease to life.


This is Life a celebration of what you already are, a communication that asserts that nothing needs to be done to be what you already are, perfect, whole and complete, that liberation is never sought for rather an “event”, an event that will confirm to the seeker that they are what they seek. A permission to themselves to be awake .


Whether an event occurs or not, you are that which you seek and as such the event is irrelevant. Should it happen fine and should it not fine, it is no more significant then walking down the street.


Talks are facilitated by Zahir and are open to all and everyone is encouraged to share should they wish. 

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Zak Phase Two

 Two people soften and fall in sync.  Does one mirror the other?  Is it just a sign of the times?  Take a closer look for yourself.

Zak is Introduced
Zahir (Zak) Khan, simply what is
Each according to his assumed role?
What is that energy that seems to block expression, and what is it that gets expression rolling full steam ahead? Do we need to know? Can we ever know? Search Zahir Khan on Facebook
Zahir Khan no circuitous complications
Zak was a joy to talk with.
He didn't go for any circuitous complications, or long winded theories of what holds us back. Isn't that what we are all looking for? Does it take a youthful insight to provide that?