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Danny Martin

Work with differences to produce better results and renew passion and purpose.

Meet Danny Martin

Three situations have done much to shape the way I look at life: 

  • Belfast, where I was born a Catholic into a fractured Protestant-Catholic world; 
  • Kenya where I worked for a number of years as a Catholic priest;
  • the U.S. where I wrote a Ph.D. under Thomas Berry who spoke of a new foundational ‘creation’ story or myth for an emerging new era.


All of these situations were about the challenge of differences and the need to work with them in order to allow something new and better to emerge.  Each of them thrust me out: out of the situation but also out of myself.  I left Belfast, I resigned from priesthood, and I let go of much of what I believed about the world.  Now I find myself being thrust out again: into a different focus, and into a different sense of my own role.


Today, it seems to be about honing down, distilling something from these experiences, holding the differences again to allow a new world to emerge. I’m getting a little more used to all this transition which now feels to be the way life is. I think there is a way of living in the world that involves honesty, openness and some basic skills, like listening.

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Danny Martin, Demystify the Steps to Openness

Let's be practical.  Life is complex and my apparent needs seem easily to co-opt most of my attention. But still I kind of know what feels right, and I surely know when I am closer to truth or farther away from it.  


Just try out a few simple things, like Relax, Respect, Listen, Connect, Discover.  It is not really rocket science.