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Jackie continued for seven years as a spiritual teacher, before stopping her work in 2006 and leaving Ireland to deepen her own spiritual practice. Her personal quest led to that which is beyond the mind - a transcendence of dualistic thought. Jackie now lives in Ireland and India. She facilitates spiritual gatherings in question-and-answer format, offering clear pointers to spiritual seekers of truth.

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Jac O'keeffe confirms a beauty that comes and goes

 I really never thought about it, all the to-do they have given to 2012.  But something is true because from January 1st my life took an immense shift, wow.  I wanted people to see it, and one whom I really love is Jac O'Keeffe.


Jac took a look and saw this.  (My friend preferred not to appear, allowing this as my privileged moment.  If I need a word it is the Italian ni', half way between no and si').

Jac O'Keeffe now lives in Cost Rica
Drop by our "front porch" for a chat

 A new level of global community allows people to show up on our virtual doorstep and spend some time.


What a joy this is.  Here is Jac, and those who have gathered around her, sharing their lives among themselves, and also with us, such that there is no inside/outside.  There is no space that divides us.


Come one, come all, Really.

Jac and Patrick tell us of a natural state
Jac O'Keeffe in Toronto
The full Toronto Retreat

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    I Love capturing events with Jac

    It's been a busy Autumn season for me, with plenty of travel and lots of recording and web casts.

    Really Anything can happen.  From deep and heart-felt to a heady analysis, it all unfolds in an intensive weekend. 

    I am very pleased to finally present Jac's visit from September.  Please enjoy. 

    Even though we have 50 hours of video with Jac
    We never focus on a "Life Story"

     That's just the way it is?  I never feel drawn to pull on more story.  Enough seems to come without trying.


    Still, here Rick Archer talks with Jac, and does a great job of chronicling, and most of these episodes I have never heard.  Maybe the continuous construction and de-construction of this life can give some indication of what is here before every story.


    I remember a sub-titled Brazilian movie I saw 20 years ago.  An aboriginal man walked out of the Amazon in complete and total innocence.  Our western beliefs as the audience said that there was no way that he could live, even for a week.  Yet in his innocence he found himself in a situation, (for the viewer a miracle), and he got along just fine, and what we assumed was just perfect for him (by the grace of God).


    Then in the same innocence he walked away from that perfect situation, and the audience was heartbroken for the man.  Then, almost immediately by what seemed his innocence he found himself in another situation, even better than the first.  Wow, were we relieved.  But he walked on that one too?  (If he had only known how lucky he was?)


    We he went through that sequence about a dozen times and each time we were heartbroken when he walked away from a fantastic life situation.  The movie played with our identification and attachment to our external story.  In the end there was a garden party, turned out for his daughter that had just graduated from college, and he had the trappings of a full fledged western man, but still in all his innocence.


    Jac's life went together and came apart many times, until she did not believe in any of it.  Check it out.  (I always miss her voice.)

    Buddha at the Gas Pump 41

    Jac O'Keeffe, report from the Silence

     Seventy Acres, 25 people all alone, 30 days no talk.  What can come of it?


    Jac O'Keeffe runs a one month silent retreat in New York.  Our thanks to Dawn Mellard, Trish Remele and Lina Watson, who give it a go to express what that was like.


    (Weekend of September 11-12, four live Web casts with Jac O'Keeffe from Toronto.)

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    Love, Honesty and Laughter with Jac O'keeffe, Toronto

    Jac OKeeffeJac OKeeffe

     Satsang with Jackie O'Keeffe

     Click to see full Invitation from Jackie . . . 

    "Personality is a useful tool but it cannot define what you are.  Who you are lies far beyond who you may think you are.  That which rests deeper within you than your thoughts and beliefs emanates joy and happiness tirelessly.  And that is your true nature.  Superimposed on endless happiness are countless distractions of your mind, some of pleasure and some of pain.  These are nothing more than concepts believed into your experience. 

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    Jac's Chicago Retreat
    What a Life

     Jac O'Keeffe, raised in rural Ireland, led a "normal life" until the age of 30 years when a sixth sense awakening brought her face to face with the non- physical world. O'Keeffe’s life changed and a busy healing practice developed. She taught others, through private and group sessions, holistic and spiritual methods to heal their own lives. Through her innate ability to see chakras, energy fields, auras and to speak to those who had passed from this life, O'Keeffe’s clients were able to find meaning in their lives and let go of past hurts that held them back from their own spiritual development and perfect peace. Furthering her own spiritual practice she left her work and her life in Ireland to live in Spain, then India, spending much time in solitude, silence and in meditation.

    Here is the full Chicago Retreat

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      A mix of in-house and on-line participants
      The first video is a live TV broadcast that we did the Tuesday night before the weekend.
      Jac First WebCasts
      New Book - Born to be Free

       Born to be Free skillfully leads the reader to the state of stillness, harmony and peace. That which is absolute and accessible to all - the truth - is clearly explained. The reader is invited to that which is beyond concepts, which can be intuitively understood to be the truth that underpins all. Learn to unravel the mystery of who you are and, in doing so, a surrendering to the true nature of total happiness, freedom and uninterrupted peace will take place.

      Here are 3 WebCasts and the India Recording

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