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Bob Fergeson

Bob has found a way of offering up despairing moments in life through a single-minded, unconditional devotion to the Truth.

Meet Bob Fergeson

 NostalgiaWest is a site that was formed to try to convey the timeless feeling of essence through photographs of the Colorado Rockies and the surrounding high deserts of Colorado and Utah. I've been lucky enough to have spent  many a wonderful day exploring their beauty, and through these pictures I'd like to share those experiences with you.

I've found that deep down, we are all connected, and the experiences of one are the experiences of all. It is my wish that through these photos, what these eyes have seen, and what this heart has felt, will become available for all, and that the longing these scenes have stirred within me, will stir in the hearts of others. This nostalgia I feel for the Western landscape springs from the longing to return to the home within.  This nostalgic mood can be a connection to the heart, leading us back to whence we came.

My journey culminated in a dramatic realization, the experience of my true nature as pure awareness, love in action.  This was a traumatic loss of the personal man, which was replaced by the knowledge of myself as the universal awareness in every man, in everything. The question of 'who am I' was answered. This was replaced by a drive to communicate the ways and means of this realization to others who ask the same question.

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Bob Fergeson Speaks out after TAT

 Bob is so much about "beyond the cerebral", and into the intuitive.

I had thought that Richard Rose was very verbally precise.  What a surprise to find TAT members don't need all that many words.