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The Highest Power expresses itself through everything that lives - It is not remote from us.

Meet Dr John Eaton

Reverse Therapy was developed by John Eaton between 1996-2002. It is a simple approach which teaches people how to use Bodymind to recover from illness, regain mental health and stay well.


Although it has many imitators it is still a leading-edge solution for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other stress-related illnesses.


In the early days we used the approach to help people with Anxiety, Panic, Stress and Depression. Then we discovered that Reverse Therapy is also a powerful solution for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and many other non-specific illnesses. Since that time we have gone on to experiment with our treatment strategies and we are proud of the fact that Reverse Therapy is now a complete alternative to Psychotherapy.

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Careful Consideration of Human Condition,Talking with Dr John Eaton

With vast clinical experience, John is still willing to weave finer and finer distinctions of the probable functioning of our societal and personal ills and wellbeing.