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Kira Kay

This ancient question has been the driving force of my own personal exploration

Meet Kira Kay

I consciously discovered this question ‘who am I’ at a point in my life where I had successfully completed studies; had several good work opportunities; a large circle of friends; owned my own house – yet ultimately I felt afraid, not happy and very unsure about what I was supposed to be doing in life. I remember sitting on a rock and deciding that my first step was to find ‘me’.


Little did I know that this would begin a journey that would lead me around the world literally and metaphorically!  This journey has led me to work with, and alongside, several respected teachers, living in different countries and having varied experiences.


All of which has supported me to realise my covered up hurts, my behaviour patterns, my limiting beliefs, my fears – and – more importantly, to uncover my strengths, passions, aliveness and the ability to integrate the understandings to live my life.



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Kira Kay, the Blend of Life

Kira and I, just "hanging out" together at Paul's, and only natural we also talk, very grounded to life.

Kira Kay, the Tendency to Conceptualize

Can it be that we are all born with a handicap?  Our abstract human focus gives much attention to ruminations of what could be or what was.  Is there any truth to those things that we think about?  Do they just generate an apparent experience, that then we take as a proof of their relevance?