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Michael Baxter

Courting a dense mass of self-knowledge

Meet Michael Baxter

 Strongly grounded in spiritual practices and organizations devoted to spiritual growth,  Michael went even deeper into the contemplation of life and the self when severe health concerns became real in his daily experience.


In over a decade of closely watching what happens to his perceptions Michael has built a whole vocabulary and graphic and poetic ways of expressing a model of the "Cycle of Self Knowledge".  His system is verifiable at any scale, and in the vocabulary germane to that paradigm, like the cycle of a single thought or cycle of a day or cycle of a whole life.


The Poetry appears in his writing called "Day Dreams of a Small Town Mystic".  Humorous terms like Brickhead, Airhead and Knucklehead relate to 3 paradigms of "Reality", "the Esoteric Sciences", and "Every-day Life".  It is something to behold.

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Michael Baxter on the Nature of Reality

 Michael and I spoke more than an hour on the phone and he related that his insight into the nature of reality was it's truly massive, the ultimate of solid.  Usually we always talk of no thing, no thought, pure potentiality, the ultimate void.  I was fascinated, but he didn't want to do a Skype interview.


What strange reasoning took me to Iowa City, I do not know.  I had been definitely thinking not to move around this summer.  But once there, all the secondary reasons to to come collapsed and we were full on in uncovering the Cycle of Self Knowledge, as Michael had developed it.  I hope that you will be as enthralled as I am.

Michael Baxter on the Cycle of Self Knowledge
Session 2 of 3, Esoteric Sciences
We moved forward Carefully
One thing I didn't want to do was to jump into a lot of assumptions and esoteric vocabulary, as if we "all agree that these are real concerns". I wanted to piece it all together step by step.
Session 3 of 3, This is Every Day Life
We said Amazing Things
The cycle of a single thought is like the cycle one hydrogen atom. In a way it is theoretical, because one atom never appears alone without outside influences. But still the method is instructive.