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Gilbert Schultz

Creator of Urban Guru Cafe'

Meet Gilbert Schultz

 The sum total of all there is, is not knowledge.  It is silent being.   How could there be more mis-understanding then understanding?


How could this moment ever be divorced from the totality of what is?   How could a tiny fragment of the wholeness be separate from the wholeness, in any way shape or form?


Your own perfection is a unique expression of the totality.   Whether the expression is imagined to be positive or negative, it can only be imaginary.


You are existence itself.     Transient points of view have no substance.   Seeing the truth of that does not set you apart from anything.

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Gilbert Schultz, in Sync with Simplicity

 Really great to get to know Gilbert.  Yes we think that we know him after 100 episodes of Urban Guru Cafe'.  I find that he is "just people", he is just us, and very comfortable to be with.  You'll see a great love expressed when being with him.